The 10 Best Wii U Games

The 10 Best Wii U Games

The Wii U's user base is small, but its games library is fierce.

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The Wii U has had trouble attracting a sizable audience, no doubt about it. Between poor marketing, initial confusion over the system's name, and middling third party support, the Wii U isn't exactly on track to be crowned the winner of the eighth generation console war.

Don't be fooled into believing the Wii U's library is poor, however. While most of the system's software is first-party fare, Nintendo has outdone itself over and over in its bid to make sure Wii U owners always have something cool to play.

Here's a countdown of Wii U titles you need to own.

Super Mario 3D World

The joyous Super Mario 3D World blends the best of Mario's 2D and 3D traits, then adds a potent spice: Cats. 3D World outfits Mario and his pals in cats' pajamas, which lets them climb, claw, and even dash after their Goomba prey across sprawling Savanah-like levels.

In fact, this must-have Wii U title features some of the most memorable levels Mario has romped through in some time, including brightly-lit carnivals and traditional Japanese castles. Super Mario 3D World's bright visuals and awesome lighting effects also prove the Wii U can project current-gen graphics as well as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 when the right talent is in charge of the system's digital crayon box.

Read the full review here.

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