The 10 Best Xbox One Games

The 10 Best Xbox One Games

If you own an Xbox One, here are some key games you ought to acquire.

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The Xbox One, which also bears the tasty-sounding moniker of "XBone," is Microsoft's successor to the hugely popular Xbox 360. It's a powerful little beast with a compelling mix of first-party exclusives and top-notch third-party offerings.

Do you have an Xbox One? Or are you thinking of adopting one? Here are some titles that need to be in your library.

Grand Theft Auto V

This critically-acclaimed entry in Rockstar's legendary sandbox series is seemingly boundless and stretches for ages across the vast city of Los Santos and to the countryside beyond. You play as three protagonists -- Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and the deranged, drug-addled Trevor Philips -- as you carry out heists, connect with the city around you, and perform some good ol' fashioned car-thieving (of course).

The organic nature of Grand Theft Auto games have been celebrated for years now, but Grand Theft Auto V lives and breathes in a way that has to be experienced to be believed, especially on current-gen systems like the Xbox One.

Read the full review here (PS4 review, but the Xbox One version is the same).

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