The 15 Best iOS and Android Games

From smartphones to tablets, these are the best games you can get on your iOS and Android devices.

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Sometimes Apple gets exclusivity on certain games, and sometimes, the pendulum swings the other way and Android gets them. In most cases though, everything comes to both platforms eventually.

Mobile games have evolved a lot over the years. They used to be looked down on because of their reputation for microtransactions and other free-to-play trappings. And yet, mobile games have risen up to be a great platform in itself over the years, sometimes even with games so good that they venture off to platforms like PC and the Nintendo Switch too. To keep things confined to the platforms at hand for the sake of this list, we've only listed what mobile platforms the following games on this list are on, even if they have popped up elsewhere.

In our latest for our ongoing 15 Best Games lists, we decided to put our heads together and spotlight the 15 best games on mobile and tablet devices. As with our other lists, things may change and be shuffled off to make way for something new. We'll keep a log below the list in the future for any changes this list may undergo. Until then, here's our inarguable choices for the 15 Best Games on iOS and Android.

80 Days

Platforms: iOS, Android

Interactive fiction games work remarkably well on mobile. Some utilize text message-like ways to communicate, others a more traditional choose-your-own-adventure structure. In 80 Days, a loose steampunk-ified adaptation of the novel Around the World in Eighty Days, you pave your own path across the world. Along the way, you meet unique individuals, go on thrilling adventures, and learn a little bit about different countries all along the journey. The scope of 80 Days is astounding, and it's basically the perfect bedtime story to keep you awake for nights on end from the glow of your phone. —Caty McCarthy

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Platforms: iOS, Android

If you like the equal parts of joy and busywork that is Animal Crossing on Nintendo's consoles, then you'll love it when Tom Nook is with you everywhere you go. Instead of a house, Pocket Camp gives you a campground that you can tend and decorate. Sure, the game is free-to-play, so you're gated in your decorating prowess by the shackles of time itself, but Animal Crossing on mobile could've been so much worse in terms of microtransactions than it currently is. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a leisurely reminder of why you love Animal Crossing in the first place. —Mike Williams

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Device 6

Platforms: iOS

I've said on more than one occasion that Simogo's Device 6 is a very rare example of a game that can only exist on mobile platforms. It's a text-based puzzle-adventure title that requires you to literally follow its enigmatic story by turning your device and reading the text as it crawls, grows, shoots off into different directions, and takes you down weird, twisted paths. You play as a woman named Anna who's trapped in a mansion full of cryptic messages and traps. She needs to solve a series of puzzles to get out, but "getting out" isn't as easy as stepping through the front door. Keep following the white rabbit, Anna. A shooting star above a rainbow, that's our girl. —Nadia Oxford

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Platforms: iOS, Android

A lot of mobile games require an internet connection. For most, it's for stamina depletion, microtransactions, and other things. Downwell doesn't though, and because of that, it's probably my most-played game on my phone. Downwell's the game I pull up when my train is stuck in a tunnel, or if I'm high in the sky on an airplane. It's a roguelike where you fall downwards in a well, armed only with your gun-boots and whatever upgrades you buy and unlock across your journey. Downwell's a brutal game too, but it's perfect for bite-sized playtime on your cellular device. —Caty McCarthy

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Fire Emblem Heroes

Platforms: iOS, Android

You know how I know Fire Emblem Heroes has me in its clutches? The game has five different versions of the hero Lyn. There's a standard variant sure, but then they released a Lyn in a bridal gown, a renaissance dress, and my favorite, two different hunter variations. What chance did I have against these odds? What chance do any of you?

Starting with Fire Emblem Awakening, Nintendo smartly deduced that part of the appeal of Fire Emblem lay in its characters and the social bonds they can form. Fire Emblem Heroes is a distilled version of that, offering players a basic version of the SRPG elements of the game, but offering a much richer collecting game where players can gather their favorite heroes on their phone. For the more popular characters, there are several variants to collect. It's gacha as hell, but I've played FE: Heroes more than any other Nintendo mobile game to date. —Matt Kim

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Platforms: iOS, Android

Florence, unlike most of the games on this list, has more in common with comics than video games. And yet, Florence manages to blend the two mediums swimmingly. Florence is an interactive story about a girl who falls in love and learns a lot about herself. The story itself is told without any words, and conveys its actions and emotions through mundane interactions—from brushing teeth to solving the puzzle of an argument. It's an incredibly relatable story too, and one not to be missed. —Caty McCarthy

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Game Dev Story

Platforms: iOS, Android

One of the many "*insert thing* Story" simulation games from Kairosoft, Game Dev Story is probably the one most relevant to anyone reading something on USgamer. Take control of your own game development studio: you hire the employees, you choose the genre and title, handle development scheduling, and even market your own games. It's all about keeping your studio afloat and hoping the games you make review well in the end. So, pretty much like a real gaming studio. Game Dev Story is one of the best in Kairosoft's significant catalog and a perfect gateway into the developer's cute sim games. —Mike Williams

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Platforms: iOS (iPad), Android (Tablets)

I started playing Hearthstone on mobile first actually. Blizzard released a series of ads showing smartphone owners playing Hearthstone on the bus during commutes, and that's actually what first got me into the game. I really did play Hearthstone on the subway rides to work. And it's totally a great way to play Hearthstone.

The beauty of Hearthstone is that it really is an easy game to pick-up, but difficult to master. And that's fine. If you wanna play at a casual level against like-leveled players, Hearthstone offers that kind of non-commital gameplay, and mobile might be the perfect platform for it. You can always try and dive into the more competitive side of things, but with a bevy of single-player modes there's also no reason to either. —Matt Kim

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Hidden My Game By Mom

Platforms: iOS, Android

The Hidden My Game By Mom series has become an unexpected cult hit in the mobile game space. The first game, Hidden My Game By Mom, started it all. Hidden My Game By Mom is a Japanese escape room game wherein you play as a kid trying to find his portable gaming device that's been hidden in the room by his mom. It's not just looking under couch cushions though—the game escalates its puzzles to increasingly ludicrous scenarios, like a feeding an elephant fruits from the fridge to reveal the hidden system. There's guaranteed to not be another game to make you laugh as much as any in the Hidden My Game By Mom series. —Caty McCarthy

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Lara Croft Go

Platforms: iOS, Android

Long after Hitman Go, Square Enix experimented with another puzzle mobile game: Lara Croft Go. Lara Croft Go actually has very little in common with its Go-predecessor, and it's all the better for it. In Lara Croft Go, you direct the Tomb Raider heroine across a board to her destination, solving puzzles and even taking out enemies along the way. In some puzzles, she even uses herself as bait to help solve a puzzle. Lara Croft Go, along with its DLC expansion, is a great puzzle game that numbs your brain just the right amount. —Caty McCarthy

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Magikarp Jump

Platforms: iOS, Android

When I first heard about Magikarp Jump, I don't know what I expected. I think I initially pictured an "endless" game, like an endless jumper or an endless runner—something cheap to produce and fun to play for maybe two hours. Then I wound up pouring dozens of hours into a Magikarp-breeding game that plays like Survive! Mola Mola!, and made me laugh out loud with nearly every NPC I met. Magikarp Jump is all about raising the very best Magikarp in history through friendship, fishing, and training. This is the only Pokemon game in history where having your Magikarp evolve into Gyrados results in an instant Game Over. —Nadia Oxford

Read our review of its PC version / Check out our PUBG Xbox One guide / Download from iTunes App Store, Amazon

Monument Valley

Platforms: iOS, Android

Monument Valley has a reputation for being one of the best mobile games ever, and for good reason. Its slick art direction and inventive puzzles helped pave the way for mobile games to become a future destination for even more puzzle games. The game feels like it's mechanizing the disorienting work of M.C. Escher, only with far more pastels. Interactively, it plays with swiping to change your perspective, utilizing the smartphone format. Plus, its sequel Monument Valley 2 is also a delight. —Caty McCarthy

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Neko Atsume

Platforms: iOS, Android

I love cats. I'm sure you love cats too. (If you don't, then this game will do absolutely nothing for you.) Neko Atsume is a Japanese mobile game about collecting cats, and that's it. You leave out treats, you get nice beds and other things. Before you know it, your home and yard will be crawling with felines that love you. The best and furriest of them all is Tubbs, a very lazy cat with a giant belly. All hail Tubbs, and all hail Neko Atsume—the most pleasant kitty collector on mobile. —Caty McCarthy

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Part Time UFO

Platforms: iOS, Android

Developed by the makers of Kirby over at HAL Laboratory, Part Time UFO is a paid mobile game where players take the roll of a UFO doing odd-jobs for money. The gameplay is similar to a crane game where players use the UFO's claws to pick up and stack items to solve puzzles. There are no ads, no free-to-play elements whatsoever. Instead, for $3.99 players can get a standalone game that wouldn't feel out of place on a 3DS or other Nintendo handheld. It's a pure gaming experience on mobile and one of HAL's best in recent years. —Matt Kim

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Pokemon Go

Platforms: iOS, Android

Pokemon Go: It's Still a Thing™. Sure, Niantic's mobile Pokemon-nabbing game isn't the cultural force of nature it was two years ago, but it still commands a large and dedicated user base around the world. I think Niantic prefers that. So do I; it means I'm not constantly getting booted from servers like I did back in 2016. It also means Niantic's had the time and resources to overhaul Pokemon Go's gyms, add new PokeDexes from other regions, and cook up story events. There's still a lot Niantic can do to improve the game (foremost being "let us submit candidates for new PokeStops and Gyms," since there's admittedly not a lot to do in Go unless you're a city-dweller with at least a few stops and gyms on your block), but I was happy to go back to Pokemon Go once the gym overhaul went through. Now excuse me, it's Fighting-type Pokemon week, and these Machops aren't going to catch themselves. —Nadia Oxford

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  • Avatar for PlatypusPlatoon #1 PlatypusPlatoon 5 months ago
    If you guys are fans of Hearthstone, I really recommend checking out Clash Royale. Yes, it look like one of those gross freemium games from Supercell, like Clash of Clans, but rest assured, it's very much a real strategy game, mixing elements of MOBAs, tower defence, and deckbuilding, all into quick, bite-sized, three-minute duels. The entire experience is streamlined in a way that I feel all games - mobile or console - could take a page from, and the cute aesthetic makes it accessible to kids as young as 6 years old, while offering deep enough mechanics that a thriving competitive scene has emerged for the hardcore gamers, culminating in an esports league.

    To be honest, the three-minute duels have spoiled me, making it hard for me to go back to the "slower" gameplay of traditional CCGS, like Magic and Hearthstone. By the time I could finish one game of Magic, I could've played three games of Clash Royale!

    Give it a try. It might not stick for everyone, but it tends to have a sizeable overlap for people who already like digital card games.
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #2 NiceGuyNeon 5 months ago
    It's very telling that I've played most of these but for the other major platforms I've maybe played 2 or 3 per list and like half on the Steam list lol

    80 Days is one of the best games ever made, whether you play it on your phone or on PC. It's a visionary game. I love Device 6, Monument Valley, and Game Dev Story. I think I've maybe played through Game Dev Story like 10 times.

    Hearthstone on mobile is fantastic even if I prefer to play on a bigger screen it translates well. Nintendo's free games have killed it because I still play Fire Emblem Heroes every day for like 10 minutes. And Lara Croft Go was really well designed and intuitive. And I mean, who doesn't love Pokemon GO?

    Basically, great list!
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  • Avatar for Vonlenska #3 Vonlenska 5 months ago
    I'd add Egglia.

    It's as close as we'll ever get to a Legend of Mana sequel. It's more limited in a lot of ways, but the art and music are beautiful, the writing is charming and funny and the mechanics are pretty laid back. It's up there with Monument Valley as probably the best original mobile title I've played.

    I like Brave Exvius, Love Nikki and Terra Battle, too, but... Gachas/microtransactions...blah.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #4 MetManMas 5 months ago
    The Room trilogy is definitely worth trying if you haven't, and there's a fair number of quality cRPGs and graphic adventures that have been ported to iOS and Android if you know where to look. The Shadowgate remake is also really cool, and is almost like four games in one with how drastically puzzle solutions change between difficulty settings.

    Also got to give props to Ramble Planet and Void Pyramid. Both are freeware (as in ACTUALLY FREE) RPGs with a big emphasis on description text that are really awesome.
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  • Avatar for jihon83 #5 jihon83 5 months ago
    Hmm, I am surprised the likes of Rusty Lake games, Reign, and Love Nikki aren't on the list.
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  • Avatar for tehgamerguy #6 tehgamerguy 5 months ago
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  • Avatar for benjamin-nguyen #7 benjamin-nguyen 2 months ago
    Why I can't see brain game in the list. :((((
    All are action games
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  • Avatar for sabirrao #8 sabirrao 2 months ago
    I would ask for why you have not mentioned brawl stars hack in the list.
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