The Angry Birds Movie's Trailer Garners a Collective Shrug from the Universe

The Angry Birds Movie's Trailer Garners a Collective Shrug from the Universe

Once again, Hollywood strikes while the iron is cold, disused, and discarded.

Making a movie is such a baffling ordeal, it's not surprising to see video game adaptations appear long after the source material has had its time in the spotlight. It's the reason Ratchet and Clank's silver screen debut will hit theaters nearly 14 years after the PlayStation 2 original launched.

Still, it's strange we haven't seen an Angry Birds movie by now. In case you can't recall its ubiquity, this cartoony, physics-based game has been dominating mobile app charts since its 2009 debut, with three billion downloads across the series to date. Look down at your phone now, and there's a pretty good chance an Angry Birds icon will be staring back at you—though you may have to scroll to another page. I know I nabbed it in 2010 out of sheer curiosity, and immediately lamented the dollar that could have paid the sales tax on a much better purchase.

As part of its merchandising onslaught, Angry Birds has been marketed to hell and back, and apparently there's a 59-episode animated series out there that's undoubtedly lulled millions of children into a state of mild sedation. Needless to say, The Angry Birds Movie is a much higher-profile project, with a much higher budget to boot: Jason Sudekis, Peter Dinklage, and Maya Rudolph comprise just a segment of its all-star cast, and the animation looks like the artists behind this production are really making the best of a bad situation. (I kinda like it.)

If anything, The Angry Birds Movie can't possibly be that bad; at its worst, I'm guessing it'll end up turning out like the many middling animated movies Dreamworks made before they decided to stop doing that. (What, you don't remember Bee Movie?) And hey, some things aren't for us, and that's just fine. So please look forward to barely paying attention to The Angry Birds Movie on an airplane about a year from now. I know I am.

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