The Anime Intro for Mr. Driller DrillLand Will Give You J-Pop Poisoning

The Anime Intro for Mr. Driller DrillLand Will Give You J-Pop Poisoning

Fill your drill with hopes and dreams. Just maybe not in public.

Dig around in your memories a moment and think about the happiest, most sugary piece of Japanese media you've ever consumed. Remember the bright colors, the bouncy J-Pop, and the adorable animal mascots? Great. Now gather up all those memories and toss them right in the garbage. Bandai Namco released a trailer for Mr. Driller DrillLand, and it makes the cheeriest anime intro look like footage of a goth funeral.

As with all Mr. Driller games, your goal in Mr. Driller DrillLand is to sink to the earth's depths with the aid of your magic drill. When Mr. Driller sinks downward into hell, he scores points and clears paths by drilling same-colored blocks. Mr. Driller games feel like a mix between a match-three game, Tetris, and the classic arcade game Dig Dug.

Dig Dug is a fitting bit of inspiration because Mr. Driller (whose real name is Susumu Hori) is Dig Dug's son. You can see Diggy for yourself in the new trailer. Uh, there's a whole backstory between the two that involves a messy divorce and Susumu's sadness over his father's perpetual absence. Hey, delve into the Dig Dug Lore Hole on your own time. We need to talk about drilling here and now.

The upcoming Mr. Driller DrillLand is an HD revamp of the original DrillLand, which came to the GameCube in 2002. The revamp already offers once big change over the vanilla Drill Land: You're introduced to the game via the aforementioned anime intro, which pulsed from the screen and drilled six cavities into my teeth the second I hit "play." You know what, though? I think we can all use some encouraging words in these dark times. Drill! Drill! Drill!

Mr. Driller DrillLand comes to Nintendo Switch and Steam on June 25.

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