The Apex Legends "Meteor" Turns Out to Be a Bug

The Apex Legends "Meteor" Turns Out to Be a Bug

It it a bird? Is it a plane?

There's something strange going on in Apex Legends. A projectile plummeting onto the World's End map was spotted last week, and while it was first believed to be something pointing towards the next seasonal event in the game, it now appears to be a bug.

Just below, you can see a snippet of the projectile slamming down to the ground in Apex Legends. Since its discovery and subsequent reappearance at random, this has been nicknamed the "meteor" by the Apex Legends community.

Some players believe this is a teaser for the inevitable Season 4 of Apex Legends, which it's worth noting hasn't yet been announced by Respawn Entertainment. However it turns out the "meteor" might actually have been a bug.

Gibraltar, one of the contestants in Apex Legends, has a special Ultimate ability that allows him to call down a defensive airstrike on a designated location. It appears that this meteor is actually a bug with Gibraltar's Ultimate, causing it to come in at a more horizontal angle than usual.

Below, there's a tweet thread by an Apex Legends dataminer explaining how the bug occurred, and how it's been spotted in several locations around the World's End map recently. The thread breaks down some of the weird goings on around the map to do with the meteor, and how they all link back to the Ultimate ability for Gibraltar.

One point of contention around the meteor was the use of sound. Players pointed towards the use of a new sound from the meteor to mean that it was something different from Gibraltar's Ultimate ability. In the tweet thread above, the dataminer explains that Gibraltar's Ultimate uses different audio files and sounds depending on how near you are to the barrage. So if you were close up to the barrage, as plenty of players were who've witnessed the strikes, you'd hear something different from the normal sound file for Gibraltar's Ultimate ability.

So, case closed. It certainly looked like a meteor, and it was certainly entertaining, but the comet ended up just being a bugged Ultimate ability from Gibby.

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