Death by Flaming Vodka, and Other Ways to Creatively Kill in Hitman 2

Death by Flaming Vodka, and Other Ways to Creatively Kill in Hitman 2

Mascot costume? Check.

Hitman 2 is batshit crazy, to say the least. If you thought the 2016 episodic version of Hitman veered into insane trickery assassinations, then boy do we have some news for you. We recently played the Miami-based mission of Hitman 2, and it did not disappoint, with plenty of darkly amusing kill options to experiment with.

The set up in Miami is actually pretty simple: Agent 47 is tasked with taking down daughter Sierra and father Robert Knox. The mission is based around a race track where Sierra Knox is taking on rival drivers in Formula 1 cars, while Robert Knox is giving a military tech demonstration to investors in a nearby office building. A simple set up, with plenty that can go wrong.

During my playthrough of this mission of Hitman 2, I first overheard an NPC having a conversation over the phone about blackmailing Sierra Knox. If you played Hitman back in 2016, this is what’s known as an ‘Opportunity’ which, just like it sounds, gives Agent 47 a narrative path to assassinate one of his targets with theatrical finesse. As it happens, our blackmailer was wearing an obnoxious bird-themed mascot costume, which presented me with the perfect way in: knock out the blackmailer, steal his costume, and attend the meeting with Sierra Knox in his place.

Everything went according to plan, almost a little too perfectly in fact, as Sierra Knox even asks her bodyguards to leave the meeting. When Sierra went to burn the incriminating evidence against her, standing over an open cellar door leading underground with her back turned to me (fatal mistake), I took the opportunity to push the famed Formula 1 driver underground, killing her in the process. Not one of the bodyguards batted an eyelid as I exited the meeting, jabbing at me with quips like, “Yeah that’s right, walk away bird man.”

But this bird man was a cold-blooded killer, and his next target was Robert Knox, located in the nearby office building overlooking the race track. I happened to overhear a disgruntled military general outside the building, talking about his upcoming meeting with Robert. With this second Opportunity of the level revealing itself to me, I knocked out the general, stole his uniform (leaving him on a Miami sidewalk in nothing but his shorts), and strode confidently into the military meeting with Robert Knox.

I’ve never met a billionaire, but I want to assume they all act like Robert Knox: arrogant, overconfident, and the kind of person I can’t wait to be away from. Knox bragged about his brand new military AI, a “super assassin” on the battlefield for wars ahead. After Knox demonstrated how the AI can find a target by merely providing it with a photo, he stood confidently in front of the robot, challenging me to scan a photo of anyone. Big mistake. I scanned a photo of Knox himself from a magazine I’d picked up in the lobby of his building, and right on cue, the robot murdered its surrogate father of sorts in front of my eyes.

And with that, both Sierra and Robert Knox were quickly and effectively taken care of in Miami. But if you’ve played Hitman from 2016, you’ll know that there are a bunch of different ways this mission could have played out. So I asked Warner Bros. social manager Dan Seto to tell me his favorite methods of taking out both Sierra and Robert Knox in the Miami mission of Hitman 2.

The cream of the crop for Seto was killing Sierra Knox through a shot drinking contest. Firstly, I'd have to disguise Agent 47 as a race track employee to disqualify Sierra’s longtime rival from the race in Miami. Then, I’d have to knock out the opponent, dress in their racing gear, and meet Sierra in a bar overlooking the track. Apparently, Sierra challenges this opponent to a drinking contest after every race, but they never actually turn up, except for now. As Agent 47, you go first in the drinking contest, downing shot after shot before Sierra. My god, that man can hold his alcohol.

When it comes to Sierra’s turn, there’s a catch. You have the opportunity to smuggle engine fuel into her shots, so that when she lights the shot before downing it, she catches ablaze, as the whole bar watches you emerge victorious in the most horrible way possible. It’s emblematic of the entire Hitman experience: really twisted and vicious when you think about it, but also incredibly fun at the same time.

Hitman 2 is set to launch for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 13. If you’ve already put down a pre-order, you’ll bag yourself the Sniper Assassin minigame for Hitman Season One. If you need a helping hand on eliminating all three targets at once, head over to our Hitman Sniper Assassin guide.

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