The Best Skills in Far Cry Primal

The Best Skills in Far Cry Primal

Learn about the best Beast Master skills.

This guide will tell you what the best skills are to use when building your character in Far Cry Primal. We’ll cover the best skills from each of the six categories, helping you to make Takkar the greatest Wenja warrior that he can possibly be.

As mentioned, the skills are broken down into six categories. We won’t necessarily pull one skill from each, instead focusing on the best skills regardless of where on the tree they happen to fall. This list comes after we spent a significant amount of time in-game, fine tuning Takkar until we had a good balance that allowed us to deal with both human and beast.

In order to unlock a section of the skill tree, you must first go out and recruit that NPC. The exceptions to this are Takkar and Sayla, who you’ll meet as you naturally progress through the story. However, if you really want the Beast Master Skills, you’ll have to head out and recruit Tensay to come back to your village. You can read about how to do that with USgamer’s Far Cry Primal - How to Tame Beasts guide. The rest of the NPCs that you’ll need to unlock the different branches of the skills tree can be found marked on your map after you finish the quest to recruit Tensay.

Far Cry Primal Skill Tree

  • Survival Skills - Unlock Takkar (Default)
  • Gathering Skills - Sayla (Default)
  • Beast Master Skills - Unlock Tensay
  • Hunting Skills - Unlock Jayma
  • Fighting Skills - Unlock Karoosh
  • Crafting Skills - Unlock Wogah

It should also be noted that you can unlock Dah and Roshani, but their sections of the skill tree are not given their own name and category. They each only feature a few skills, and none of them made our list, which is why we aren’t going in-depth with them here.

Craft Arrows - Hunting Skill

Upgrading your Owl will allow for deadly stealth attacks on Udam Outposts across Oros.

Craft Arrows has three tiers to it, all of which are valuable. When you begin the game, you’ll get your bow within about five minutes, and any time you craft an arrow you’ll get only one. When you unlock the first tier of Craft Arrow, you’ll get two arrows for the price of one. Tier two gives you four arrows for the price of one, and tier three gives you eight. This means that at the highest level of this skill, you can craft the maximum number of arrows Takkar can hold (48) by only using six resources instead of 48. Given how much you’ll be using your bow, this is a must-have for any player type.

Tag Enemies / Tag Animals - Hunting Skill

We’re recommending two skills in one here, mostly because they’re so closely related. Early in the game you’ll find that you often lose sight of the Udam or animal that you’re trying to kill. By unlocking these two skills, you’ll now be able to permanently tag enemies and animals just by looking at them. This comes in handy when you’re trying to track that rare animal that you have to kill for its skin, or if you plan to sneak into an Udam outpost and take out all the occupants. Now that your targets are permanently tagged, you can go about your business without losing track of them.

Extra Health - Survival Skill

To unlock new branches on the Skill tree, recruit specialists to your Village.

This one is a no brainer. The more health that you have, the more damage you can take from that pesky woolly mammoth that’s trying to give you a hug. As with any tiered skill, they will increase in cost for each new level, so focus on unlocking the early tiers in the first few hours of the game. Trust us, this will save your life when you’re roaming about Oros. The final tier actually costs six skill points, so you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it when the time comes. There are some pretty good skills out there that might help you more than an extra bar of health.

Tame Cunning Beasts - Beast Master Skill

The reason we went with Tame Cunning Beasts is because you have to first unlock Tame Canines, Tame Wildcats and Tame Apex Predators. You’ll start to feel safer when you unlock Tame Canines by doing Tensay’s quest and getting your Owl and White Wolf, but there is no feeling safer than when you’re strolling around with a Cave Bear. Other bears will approach you, rethink their options, then turn around and go the other way. When you have a bear that scares other bears, you’re doing something right. You can tame Cave Bears when you get Tame Cunning Beasts. It’s completely worth it.

Beast Rider - Fighting Skill

Oros isn’t a small place, and walking around can take you quite a long time. Not only does it take a long time to walk, but you also get sucked into fighting the Udam and random beasts. You can’t ride your Cave Bear, but you can ride your Brown Bear (unlocked with Tame Apex Predators). Not only will most things (human or beast) not mess with you, but you’ll also cover a lot more ground by riding. You can even shoot your bow, use your spear, loot bodies and gather resources. You’ll have to go get Karoosh to access this part of the skill tree, but it’s worth your time.

There are quite a lot of useful skills out there, and we could certainly add some more and be on point. We’re going to cut it off there, however, giving you a taste of our favorites. If you’re still looking for some guidance, consider unlocking everything under the Beast Master section. You can also pop over to the USgamer Far Cry Primal Walkthrough and Guide to see what else we’re working on.

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