The Big PS5 Games Reveal Is Officially Scheduled for Next Week

The Big PS5 Games Reveal Is Officially Scheduled for Next Week

We're getting a glimpse of what's playable on PS5.

Next week, we'll get the next look at the future of PlayStation. Sony announced today that it will be hosting a new showcase featuring games coming to the PlayStation 5 on June 4.

In an announcement on the PlayStation Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan says the digital showcase will share a first look at the games playable on PS5 at launch. The stream is planned to start at 1 p.m. PT and run for "a bit more than an hour." It sounds like more is also on the way, as Ryan says the digital showcase is part of a series of PS5 updates, and that Sony still has "much more to share with you."

A PS5 showcase was rumored to debut this coming week. It's the first major showcase of the PS5 lineup, showing off what will be in store for the next-gen console at launch. In an interview with, Ryan said its first-party games are still on schedule, despite concerns over COVID-19.

The DualSense, Sony's PlayStation 5 controller, has already been unveiled. But the PlayStation has otherwise been relatively quiet compared to Microsoft and the Xbox Series X, which hosted one third-party games showcase already and plans to host a first-party games showcase in July.

While Sony has detailed the internal architecture of its next-gen console, next week's stream will hopefully provide a stronger outlook on what will be playable on the PS5. Sony's stream will go live at 1 p.m. PT on June 4.

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