The C64 Mini, Pre-Loaded with 64 Commodore 64 Games, Is Coming Soon

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There's a fifty-fifty chance you're reading this article while standing in line for an SNES Classic. Best of luck, soldier. Just keep this in mind: If you're unsuccessful in securing a tiny SNES, you can hold onto your money and buy a tiny Commodore 64.

Licensed retro consoles pre-loaded with games are hot business, and now computers are starting to nuzzle in on the trend. The C64 Mini, a little Commodore 64 pre-loaded with 64 games, is coming in 2018. Like the SNES Classic, it plugs into your TV via an HDMI hookup. It costs $69.99 USD.

Pictured: Rocket Robin Hood getting back in touch with his roots

The C64 helped bring affordable desktop computing to North America, and it built up a hardy library of games (home computers were sold on finances and homework in the '80s, but it wasn't long before their true purpose shone through). Some of the games on the C64 Mini include California Games, Chip's Challenge, Netherworld, and Robin of the Wood. Here's the full list of what you can expect, and I'm a little sad to see there's no Temple of Apshai or SimCity, though I doubt EA would let the latter happen in a million years.

The C64 Mini is developed by Retro Games Ltd and distributed by Koch Media.

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  • Avatar for jeffk #1 jeffk 5 months ago
    I spent a large chunk of my youth in front of a C64, but I can't say I played more than five of these games.
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  • Avatar for davedalrymple11 #2 davedalrymple11 5 months ago
    Deflektor and Monty on the Run are included! They have some of my favorite C64 music.
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  • Avatar for Lane #3 Lane 5 months ago
    This started out as an Indiegogo campaign, promising a full size working keyboard and working cartridge slot. And this is what was delivered; meh.

    The C64 DTV from a decade ago was superior in almost every way (it did lack an HDMI port). But at least that was an actual, functional C64 on a chip that could be hacked to support most everything a real C64 could.
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  • Avatar for dr134 #4 dr134 5 months ago
    You think your Commodore 64 is really neato
    What kinda chip you got in there, a Dorito?
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  • Avatar for Club-Neon #5 Club-Neon 5 months ago
    @jeffk I'm with Jeff. I spent a lot of time with a C64, and even have written a SID emulator. I don't recognize most of those titles. And have played a few. Maybe enjoyed two. I think I'll pass.
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  • Avatar for TomMog #6 TomMog 5 months ago
    Once again, Mail Order Monsters must wait to be rediscovered.
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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #7 SIGGYZtar 5 months ago
    Wish it had that Connecticut Leather finish.
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  • Avatar for Daikaiju #8 Daikaiju 5 months ago
    I cannot convey the sheer amount of MEH this announcement stirs.
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  • Avatar for christophermcdougall #9 christophermcdougall 5 months ago
    I only recognize California Games because I had it on the NES and played it on someone's DOS machine. Love the vintage look of the machine, but I don't have enough nostalgia for it, unfortunately. I'm wondering how easy it is to hack.
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  • Avatar for jeffk #10 jeffk 5 months ago
    @Club-Neon I'm glad it's not just me—I was suddenly wondering if I'd missed all these amazing games! Guess not. Boy, do I wish someone could do a proper C64 Mini, though....
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  • Avatar for jeffk #11 jeffk 5 months ago
    Deleted September 2017 by jeffk
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  • Avatar for mattcom26 #12 mattcom26 5 months ago
    I'm eagerly awaiting Nadia's 64-entry, game-by-game review! +rankings!
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  • Avatar for Retropyro #13 Retropyro 5 months ago
    @jeffk California Games is really the only one I know. Makes me wonder where Summer and Winter Games are. What about Spy Hunter, Ghosts & Goblins, International Karate, Beach Head, War Games, Maniac Mansion, Montezuma's Revenge, Micropose Soccer, Superstar Ice Hockey, Paperboy, The Bards Tale, World Games, Skate or Die, Speed Buggy..... so many good games.
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  • Avatar for jeffk #14 jeffk 5 months ago
    @Retropyro Yes yes yes! Add in Bruce Lee and I'll gladly pay $100 for that console. I realize there are lots of different (and no-longer-extant) publisher involved, but man, I'd eat that up.
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  • Avatar for AstroDemon #15 AstroDemon 5 months ago
    @Retropyro I'm with you, I only recognized California Games. This seems like a bad collection of C64 games. There are probably lots of legal reasons why producing this with the games we really want is an impossible task.
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