Let's Finish Mega Man 5, Live!

Let's Finish Mega Man 5, Live!

It's time to wrap up the fifth chapter of the Mega Man series and move along to greener pastures. Tune in today at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT.

I hit a wall in Mega Man 5 last time around, and today's the day to put this beast to rest... or else spend an hour losing to the same boss, over and over again. And then, it's time to take a break from the Mega Man-a-thon in favor of a different venture.

Next Mega Man-a-thon stream:

Wednesday, July 6 | 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT

Watch the next stream here:

Watch live video from usgamernet on www.twitch.tv

As you may know, "every Mega Man game" works out a lot of games. Capcom wasn't shy about churning out those sequels. Even though I'll be skipping non-platformer spin-offs as well as games I'd only be able to stream through emulation or with an off-screen camera shot, I still have something like 30 different releases on my to-do list. Rather than fill USgamer's poor backend with several dozen articles about Mega Man streams, I'll be posting all future stream announcements (along with completed stream archives) here, in this hub. You can bookmark this page for convenient reference, if watching a man struggle through this infamously challenging franchise sounds like a good time to you!

Catch up with the stream archives:

Mega Man (Pt. 1)
Mega Man (Pt. 2)
Mega Man 2
Little Samson
Mega Man in Dr. Wily's Revenge
Mega Man 3 (Pt. 1)
Mega Man 3 (Pt. 2)
Mega Man II for Game Boy
Mega Man 4 (Pt. 1)
Mega Man 4 (Pt. 2)
Mega Man 5 (Pt. 1)

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