The Culling 2 Offers Another Battle Royale Experience, but Owners of the First Game Aren't Happy

The Culling 2 is out now, and it's already divisive.

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Surprise: The Culling 2 is out today. Xaviant's new Battle Royale game promises to take the genre to "the next level." 50 contestants drop in, but only one leaves alive! Well, you probably know the drill by now.

The launch trailer for The Culling 2 dropped yesterday, and it takes a light-hearted tone (as light-hearted as a trailer about competitive mass murder can be, anyway) with an announcer describing the bloodshed that will ensue. In the description for the trailer, Xaviant says The Culling 2 offers "real-world weapon ballistics," and "a strategically brutal melee combat system." Visually, the game is a mish-mash of PUBG and Fortnite: The character models aren't as wacky as Epic's avatars, but The Culling 2 contains a noticeable splash of color that's lacking in PUBG.

Fans of the original Culling aren't too happy about the usurper's arrival. The first Culling—another Battle Royale game that pits 16 players against each other—only existed early access in October 2017. One commenter on the trailer for The Culling 2, "Gilliam De Lauw," is worried the trailer's emphasis on gunplay means The Culling's focus on melee combat is seemingly being eschewed for generic gunfighting even though Xaviant's promises brutal melee combat in The Culling 2. The replies to Xaviant's reveal of The Culling 2 on Twitter also contain no small amount of ticked-off commentary from people who bought the first game and are disappointed to learn it's probably not going to be patched or updated.

The Battle Royale genre is turning into something of a battle royale in itself with developers trying to snap up anyone who's not already enthralled by Fortnite or PUBG. Good luck, contenders. The Culling 2 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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