The Destiny 2 PC Beta Looks So Good It's Converting Console Players

The Destiny 2 PC Beta Looks So Good It's Converting Console Players

Please stop praying for Destiny 2 on PC, it's become too powerful.

The Destiny 2 beta is on PC and a consensus is beginning to form around the fact that the PC version of the game is good. Really good. So much so that a lot of players are converting to the PC version of the game despite the fact that it has a later release date and none of the PlayStation 4 exclusives. That's just how impressed some players were after trying out the PC beta.

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Players have been asking for a PC version of Destiny since the first game and Bungie finally delivered a PC announcement for Destiny 2 earlier this year during the unveiling event in Los Angeles. One of our earliest impressions of the game back in May was that it looked gorgeous running at 60fps (uncapped) and in 4K. Having played it on PC at E3 this year, I can confirm that my first reactions after my demo was that it was eye-bleedingly beautiful on PC. And thanks to this week's beta, players finally got a chance to witness it on PC.

A quick glance at the Destiny Reddit and you can see the converts are in full force. Again, this is despite some of the drawbacks of the PC version in regards to content and release date. The visuals and gameplay alone are enough to cause players to thumb their nose at the console version of the game.

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It was reported previously that Destiny 2 on the PC can run as high as 144 fps if your PC was capable. In comparison, the console versions will be capped at 30 fps, even on the PlayStation 4 Pro which was built to support 4K gaming on consoles.

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Some players have expressed a bit of regret after playing the PC demo saying that while they prefer the PC version of the game, they've already either pre-ordered the game on a console, or have clans and friends that play primarily on either the PS4 or Xbox One.

Of course there's also players who exclusively play on PC, meaning they missed out on the first Destiny game.

destiny 2 pc screen 7

Across the internet you'll find articles highlighting just how robust the PC version of Destiny 2 feels. Even we think it's the "Definitive" version of Destiny 2, writing:

"I cannot stress what a magical experience a Bungie shooter is running at a flawless 60fps. Destiny 2 is magnificent, and it's clear that the hard-working developers at Bungie are doing their absolute best here. With some changes to the player arsenal, I think Destiny 2 might become an all-time classic. Right now, it's easily my most anticipated game for the forseeable future."

So if you're tempted by the PC version of Destiny 2, just be warned that there might not be any coming back if you decide to jump in.

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