The Destiny 2 Trailer Reveals a lot More Than you Might Expect

The Destiny 2 Trailer Reveals a lot More Than you Might Expect

It might seem straightforward at first glance, but Bungie's trailer for Destiny 2 packs plenty of interesting information.

Destiny 2 has finally been announced. It’s a prerendered trailer with no gameplay to show or features to discuss, setting the stage for what’s to come. The Cabal, one of the main factions of the original game, is back with a vengeance, destroying your loot and home base in a vicious assault. CG trailers are rarely exciting, but Destiny 2’s reveal has some awesome tidbits that may get fans excited.

The structure of the trailer itself switches between the perspective of two key characters from Destiny: Cayde-6, leader of the hunters, and Commander Zavala, leader of the titans. Zavala’s speech is bland and unmemorable, kind of like the original Destiny story. People cheer because people are supposed to cheer at the end of these kind of speeches, not because it was particularly rousing.

Zavala’s speech, most notably, takes place outside the city. In the sky in the background, we can see The Traveler, Destiny’s mascot, an alien entity that was discovered on Mars long before the series begins, propelled humanity into the golden age. It wasn’t long before “The Darkness,” the game’s big bad, followed the Traveler to the solar system. The Traveler attempted to leave, but Rasputin, an AI with a whole lot of guns, shot the Traveler, damaging it in some way and leaving it trapped on Earth. The Traveler built ghosts, sent them to find Guardians, and now the Guardians channel the dormant Traveler’s powers and protect humanity. The Traveler appears to be powered up in this shot, which definitely isn’t normal. The tower can be seen in the background, clearly destroyed.

Cayde gives his speech in the city, surrounded by more guardians. With him is Ikora Rey, leader of the warlocks. She is holding a Vanguard shotgun of some kind. In the foreground, a Titan appears to be holding some kind of SUROS shotgun. SUROS was one of the major weapons manufacturers in Destiny, referred to by Bungie as the Ferarri of weapons manufacturers. Good to see that SUROS is back.

Cayde and Zavala explain that the Cabal attacked the tower. Here we can see Cabal with their traditional shields, as well as a new Cabal variant with what appears to be some kind of energy shield.

As Cayde describes his feats of greatness, we see he has the Ace of Spades, one of the exotics from Destiny’s third expansion, The Taken King.

Cabal helmets up to this point have been round, occasionally with Roman-inspired crests on the top. This helmet and red armor is a new look for the Cabal. The Cabal heavily inspired by the Roman empire; it is considered an honor to serve the empire. They are kicked out when they join the military, and only given citizenship once they return.

In Destiny, the only Cabal presence was a small scouting fleet on Mars. With the Shield Brothers strike in Destiny, the last of the Cabal leadership in the solar system was destroyed; the Cabal sent a distress signal to the Empire. This attack on the City is presumably revenge for the earlier missions.

One of the exciting things about this focus on the Cabal is that it means we may finally get a Cabal raid. Destiny had raids for the Vex, Hive, and Fallen, but the Cabal, some of the most fun enemies in Destiny, never got a raid. Bungie is finally putting the Cabal front and center.

Here’s Ikora with her Vanguard shotgun.

Well, this is new. It appears to be some kind of Cabal attack dog.

Poor tower. It was a good home.

Bungie announced that Destiny 2 wouldn't carry over loot, and this trailer makes it abundantly clear why: our loot gets destroyed in the attack on the tower. Cayde clearly speaks for all of us when he expresses how angry this makes him.

We encountered one wrecked Cabal ship in Destiny. It looks like we’re about to take on a whole lot more in Destiny 2.

This is Gary. Cayde called him Gary, which is a much better name than Ghaul, so that’s his name now. He’s the Cabal’s Darth Vader, an enforcer for the Emperor sent to wreak havoc on humanity. Our job is to wring as much loot from his corpse as we possibly can.

Here, a Titan and a child disturb a napping hunter. Rude. Hunters are the most important class in Destiny, and they need their beauty sleep.

The hunter is up. She’s decked out in the New Monarchy faction gear, and she’s carrying what appears to be an Omolon weapon of some kind. Omolon was a weapon manufacturer introduced in The Taken King. Their guns 3D print bullets on the fly.

Zavala talks a good talk about saving the City, but Cayde promises the one thing Destiny’s players actually want: loot. We can see that Omolon weapon here. Each weapon family in Destiny has a unique visual language, and this gun breaks from all those norms. It appears to be some kind of railgun, which may hint that Destiny 2 is adding new weapon classes.

So that’s Destiny 2: the Tower is destroyed, our loot is gone, and we’ll have to kill an awful lot of new Cabal types in order to get our loot back. Whether or not classic exotics like Gjallarhorn will make their triumphant return has yet to be seen. The vibe seems a lot more light-hearted than Destiny, but Destiny has a history of light-hearted trailers.

Regardless, this trailer hints at awesome things to come. I can’t wait to take on the Cabal and discover what else Destiny 2 has to offer when it releases on September 8.

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