The Detective Pikachu Movie is Getting a Sweet Graphic Novel Adaptation

Detective Pikachu is coming to the funny pages.

The Detective Pikachu movie is getting a graphic novel adaptation courtesy of Legendary Comics. This is great news, because reading is cool. It's also rad.

Legendary Comics announced the Detective Pikachu graphic novel yesterday at Emerald City Comic-Con, as well as via Twitter. The adaptation is written by Brian Buccellato (an industry veteran who's worked for DC, Marvel, and Image) and illustrated by Nelson Dániel (an artist who's worked on Clue, Dungeons & Dragons, Judge Dredd, and lots more projects). The story follows the same one laid down by the movie and the Detective Pikachu game, i.e. a young Tim Goodman tries to find his absent father with the help of a coffee-drinking Pikachu who mysteriously understands human speech.

"Legendary Comics has done an outstanding job of bringing the world of POKEMON Detective Pikachu to life in the form of this graphic novel,” Heather Dalgleish, the Pokemon Company's Director of Publishing, states in a press release about the graphic novel. “We’re excited to be working with the Legendary Comics team on this initiative and can’t wait for readers to dive in to this Pokemon story."

We're all weirdly excited for the Detective Pikachu movie here at USG, and I'll probably tower over the hordes of little children when I see it on its opening day (May 10). The trailers show off so many Pokemon, and they all look completely bonkers, horrifying, and adorable. We expect the graphic novel adaptation will ease some of the "uncanny valley" feeling the movie's realistic Pokemon still give us. Look for it this Summer.

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