The Detective Pikachu Movie is Reportedly Switching from Universal Pictures to Warner Bros

The Detective Pikachu Movie is Reportedly Switching from Universal Pictures to Warner Bros

Movie distribution drama! I choose you!

The Detective Pikachu movie is reportedly switching distribution studios. Warner Bros is taking the job from Universal, and the move might come with a larger distribution deal.

According to a report from Hollywood Reporter, Pikachu's leap over to Warner Bros is part of a larger deal that shifts the movies from Legendary Entertainment's current line-up for Universal Pictures over to Warner Bros. Legendary Entertainment, the media company handling the Detective Pikachu movie, was initially partnered with Warner Bros before it threw its lot in with Universal in 2013. The Universal-Legendary partnership has since cooled off, and there's been some speculation that Legendary would part ways with Universal and renew its original partnership with Warner Bros. Hollywood Reporter says Universal declined to comment.

Doesn't matter who distributes the movie, since this IASIP cross-over content still won't be part of it.

The Detective Pikachu movie, which features the voice of Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds as the titular yellow rodent, hits theatres in May 10. So far there's no indication the upheaval at Legendary Entertainment will affect the movie's production. The Nintendo 3DS game serving as the basis for the movie chronicles the adventures of a gruff-voiced Pikachu who partners up with a young boy to solve various PokéCrimes. It's a cute and clever glimpse into the Pokémon universe, and we're looking forward to more of the same when the movie lands next spring.

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