The Deviljho is Now Available for Monster Hunter World PC Players

The Deviljho is Now Available for Monster Hunter World PC Players

The Pickle makes its debut.

The Deviljho is a powerful and feared beast in Monster Hunter lore, able to pick up other monster in its huge jaws and whack them around repeatedly. Capcom has revealed that the Deviljho is now available for Monster Hunter World on PC.

The Deviljho might have released already for console versions of Monster Hunter World earlier this year, but the PC version of the game only released last month. For everything you need to know about the PC port for Capcom's mammoth game, head over to our Monster Hunter World PC guide.

Capcom has been steadily adding new beasts to Monster Hunter World ever since it first launched in January 2018. The Deviljho was the first DLC monster added after launch, but we've since had the Lunastra, the Kulve Taroth, and more recently the Final Fantasy 14 Behemoth make its way into Capcom's game.

For a full guide on how to track down and activate the quest to slay the new Deviljho on PC, head over to our Monster Hunter World Deviljho guide.

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