The Division 2 Episode 1 Release Date - Expeditions, National Zoo

The Division 2 Episode 1 Release Date - Expeditions, National Zoo

There’s brand new DLC coming for The Division 2. Here’s what you need to know about The Division 2: Episode 1.

The Division 2 launched with plenty of content to keep its players busy for a while. Now that the game has been out for a few months though, it’s time to start looking at post-launch DLC. The first of these updates is called Episode 1 - DC Outskirts: Expeditions and will add two new missions for players to take on. In this The Division 2 Episode 1 Guide, we’ll take a look at the Episode 1 DLC Release Date, gameplay details and more.

The Division 2 Episode 1 DLC Release Date

Previously, we only knew that The Division 2 Episode 1 would release in July 2019. Thanks to a recent update, we can now reveal that the Episode 1 DLC, with the new National Zoo mission will release July 23 for Year One Pass Holders. For everyone else, it's July 30.

The Division 2 Expeditions

The main highlight of the Episode 1 DLC for The Division 2 is Expeditions. These are two new missions, focusing on exploration and puzzle solving. To access them, you’ll need to visit the helipad outside of the Whitehouse. These new areas have new collectibles, Treasure Rooms, puzzles, unique boss mechanics, and more. Each Expedition site is made up of three parts, which will be released in a staggered schedule. Let’s take a look at the two new missions coming to The Division 2.

The Division 2 Camp White Oak

The first of the new Expeditions is Camp White Oak. You’ll need to take on The Black Tusk in a fortified woodland stronghold. You’ll need to have reached World Tier 5 and completed Tidal Basin in order to access it.

The Division 2 National Zoo Expedition

Next up we have the Manning National Zoo Expedition. It follows a group of agents as they fight through an Outcast stronghold based in the National Zoo. Emeline Shaw is hunkered down in there after her defeat at Roosevelt Island, and you’ll need to hunt her down once and for all. To launch this mission, head to the helipad outside of the Base of Operations.

Is The Division 2 Episode 1 DLC Free?

While you can get early access to The Division 2 Episode 1 by picking up the Year One Pass, it will be free to all players after a week. This means that if you have The Division 2, you can check out all post-launch episode for free.

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