The Division 2 Graphics Comparison Pits Consoles Against PC, Reveals the Console Versions Can Use a Bit More Polish

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The Division 2 is a good-looking game at a glance, but as usual, there's a lot of graphical nitty-gritty going on under the hood. Our sister site Digital Foundry has a thorough breakdown that compares the various iterations of the game, including the PC, Xbox One X, and PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as the vanilla PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

While The Division 2's visuals are relatively consistent across all its platforms, there are still clear winners and losers if you're a stickler for performance. The PC version comes out on top thanks to a plethora of graphical settings and options. The console versions of the game don't lag far beyond performance-wise, but Digital Foundry's Thomas Morgan notes The Division 2 still has some "polish issues" on consoles.

"[T]he frequency that you see low-res textures appear on billboards and posters is just too high right now. It takes too long for the proper, high-res asset to load in, and it breaks the illusion [Ubisoft] Massive's attempting to prop up," he writes. "This pop-in affects every console, and on PS4 Pro, I even tried to mitigate the trouble by offloading the game onto external storage—to no real success."

There are also some noticeable discrepancies between the console versions' resolutions. The Xbox One X version of the game runs in native 4K at a consistent 3840 x 2160. The PlayStation 4 Pro tops at 3456 x 1944, with some occasional drops to a minimum of 2458 x 1382. The standard PlayStation 4 version runs at 1920 x 1080 without any noticeable drops, and while the standard Xbox One version likewise runs at 1080p without many problems, there are some instances where it drops to 1664 x 936 (around 900p)—usually when things get busy on-screen.

Moreover, the PC and Xbox versions of the game are a 43GB install, but the PlayStation 4 versions of the game demand twice as much hard drive space at 89GB. That's something to keep in mind if you have your choice of platforms and don't feel like running out to buy a larger PlayStation 4 drive.

Digital Foundry has much more on the specifics of The Division 2's performance, including a comparison tool that measures each version of the game against the others. If you're more interested in how it plays, we have impressions of The Division 2 and will publish a full review very soon.

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