The Division 2: How to Get The Chameleon Exotic AR

The Division 2: How to Get The Chameleon Exotic AR

We show you how to get The Chameleon exotic assault rifle.

The Division 2 follows an episodic structure in terms of post-launch content. With each episode comes new missions, loot and of course exotic weapons. The new assault rifle on the block is The Chameleon, and it's pretty nifty in the right hands. In this guide we'll tell you how to get The Chameleon, and what Talents it has.

How to Farm The Chameleon

The Chameleon is a random world-drop. This is good news and bad news. The good news is that there is no intricate and bloated mission path to follow, as with some of the other exotic weapons. Bad news is that you'll be at the mercy of the RNG gods while trying to farm The Chameleon. The two methods below are your best bet, and are currently the main way people are getting their hands on the weapon.

  1. Take on Bounties - Head into your menu and target Bounties. We recommend doing so in areas where assault rifles are more likely to drop (you can check this by pressing up on the d-pad while looking at the map. Just keep farming Bounties at high difficulties (challenging or hard to increase your chances) and the weapon will drop.
  2. Targeted Mission - Head into your map and press up on the d-pad. This will bring up the targeted loot menu and let you see which missions are currently offering increased drops of assault rifles. Play through these missions on Challenging difficulty or higher. Bosses are more likely to drop The Chameleon so you can also restart the mission after defeating each boss.

The Chameleon Talents

You'll want to get your hands on The Chameleon as it has some seriously effective Talents. We've listed them below:

Adaptive Instincts

  • Hitting 30 headshots grants +20% critical hit chance and +50% critical hit damage for 45s
  • Hitting 60 body shots grants +100 weapon damage for 45s
  • Hitting 30 leg shots grants +150% reload speed for 45s


  • When Holstered, gain +5% weapon handling

So Is The Chameleon a Good Weapon?

The Chameleon is a great weapon, though not as good as some of the others in the game. The downside to the weapon is that its accuracy is very poor, so you will need to be getting pretty close to your enemies. The Talents do make the weapon viable though, as landing body, leg and headshots will seriously increase your overall weapon damage. This will almost happen automatically while shooting, making The Chameleon very powerful once the Talents are active.

The Chameleon changes color according to the environment | Ubisoft

Do You Need the Year 1 Pass to Get The Chameleon Early

The Chameleon is released as part of Title Update 7. While the Episode 3 mission content is locked for a week behind the year one pass, you can still earn The Chameleon without it.

That's how to get The Chameleon in The Division 2. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on getting every Hunter Mask. Elsewhere there's also our look at how dyes work.

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