The Division 2: How to Get the Lady Death Exotic

The Division 2: How to Get the Lady Death Exotic

Here's how to get the new Lady Death exotic weapon introduced in Warlords of New York.

Warlords of New York just launched for The Division 2. It's a brand new expansion that adds in a new area, new missions, and a new exotic called Lady Death. Here's what you need to know.

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How to Get the Lady Death Exotic SMG

To get the Lady Death exotic SMG you'll need to hit level 40. This is the new maximum level introduced as part of the Warlords of New York expansion, for a look at the new max Gear Score, head here. Once you are level 40, start grinding out named bosses. We got ours from a boss outside of the final Keener mission.

What is Lady Death?

Lady Death is an exotic Sub Machine Gun. Here's its description:

'Can't take our freedom? That's a lie. Your freedom can always be taken. The only thing standing between you and tyranny is the barrel of your gun' - 2A Enthusiast

Lady Death Talents

If you're a veteran player of The Division 2 you'll know that exotics come with talents (more on exotics here). These are unique abilities that will seriously up your game. Here's the talent associated with the Lady Death exotic weapon:

Breath Fire - When moving, gain 4 stacks per second, or 8 stacks if sprinting, up to 40 stacks total. Each round fired consumes a stack, amplifying damage by 60%. Kills grant +20% movement speed for 10s.
Warlord of New York | Ubisoft

Lady Death Stats

These are the stats that were listed on our Lady Death exotic weapon. Note that these may be different if you manage to pick it up via other means.

  • DMG: 62.5K
  • RPM: 900
  • MAG: 32

There's plenty more on The Division 2 right here on USG. First off, why not see what we thought of the base game?. Elsewhere, there's Mike's preview of the Warlords of New York expansion.

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