The Division 2 PS4 is 100GB, Double the Size of the Xbox One and PC Versions

Storage wars.

The Division 2 is out next week and Ubisoft is rolling out a pretty complicated release schedule for its upcoming Tom Clancy shooter. This includes schedules for early access releases, and a day one update that for some reason takes up more space on PS4 than on Xbox One or PC.

Pre-loading The Division 2 is available now on PC and Xbox One for any editions (there are three: standard, gold, and ultimate). On PS4, pre-load availability depends on your region and edition. In Europe, Gold and Ultimate owners can pre-load The Division 2 now, while standard owners can do so on March 11. In the Americas and Asia, Gold and Ultimate owners can pre-load now, while standard owners can pre-load on March 13.

Pre-loading does not account for Title Update 1, which Ubisoft says will be 48-52 GB. But for some reason, how the Title Update ultimately affects the space The Division 2 takes up on your hard drive depends on your console. On Xbox One and PC you'll ultimately have The Division 2, patch and all, take up 48-52 GB. On PS4 however, the full game and patch will take up 90-100 GB on your console.

There's no word on why the PS4 version of The Division 2 takes up twice the space on your hard drive compared to Xbox One or PC. And the fact that this is the file size regardless of whether you own The Division 2 digitally or physically is pretty ridiculous.

We're in an age where video game downloads, even ones purchased on disc, are breaching the 100 GB mark. Red Dead Redemption 2 was another notable centurial. It's getting to a point where physical purchases will no longer save you any storage space.

For more on The Division 2, check out our Division 2 guide. It includes our news coverage, previews, trailers, and more, all ahead of The Division 2's March 15 release date. Though like EA's Anthem, early access period begins on March 12 on all consoles.

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