The Division 2 Public Test Server Release Date - PTS, PC Launch

The Division 2 Public Test Server Release Date - PTS, PC Launch

Ubisoft just revealed that a The Division 2 PTS is on its way. Here’s what you need to know.

The Division 2 has been out for a while now, so players are starting to enjoy post-launch content added in by developer Massive. New weapons, Strongholds, and cosmetic items have already been patched in, and another oft-requested feature is soon to arrive as well. The Division 2 is getting a Public Test Server very soon indeed, so to make sure you’re adequately prepared, we’ve put together this The Division 2 PTS Guide. We’ll detail what we know about the Public Test Server so far, including a release window, and what exactly will be tested.

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The Division 2 Public Test Server Release Date

A Public Test Server is on its way to The Division 2, which will allow players to try out new features before they are implemented into the game proper. The details of The Division 2 PTS were given during a recent State of the Game video by Ubisoft. It was revealed that the The Division 2 PTS will launch sometime in the week beginning April 15, 2019. Once exact release times are announced, we’ll be sure to update this page.

The Division 2 Public Test Server is PC Only

Unfortunately for console players, The Division 2 will only receive a test server on PC and uPlay. This is fairly standard practice, as developing for one skew allows the devs to focus on testing features more efficiently. It’s possible that the PTS may come to consoles in the future, so stay tuned.

The Division 2 Public Test Server Download

Once the PTS for The Division 2 launches, you’ll need to download it. It will be a separate client, which will need to be launched independently. This will be handled via the game’s website, so stay tuned for a solid link.

Do You Need to Own The Division 2 to Use the Public Test Server?

Sometimes, devs will offer up a Public Test Server for a game for free, meaning that players can access it without owning a copy of the game. The Division 2’s PTS requires a license to access. This means that you’ll need to have a copy of the game to use The Division 2 Test Server.

The Division 2 Public Test Server NDA

Often, when a Public Test Server for a game is released, there will be an NDA that players will need to sign in order to gain access. This is so devs can add new items to the game for testing, that may not have been formally announced yet. The Division 2 will not have an NDA step for its PTS. This means that you are free to share clips and screens of your time spent testing the new features.

Will the Raid be Available in The Division 2 PTS?

The next big update on the horizon for The Division 2 is the raid. The team over at Massive have confirmed that the raid will launch first for everyone in the full game. It will not go through the Public Test Server, though it’s likely that any future Raids might be tested in this way.

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