The Division 2's Year One Roadmap Features a Lot of Free Content

New missions, new classes, and a whole lot more, all for free.

Ubisoft's The Division 2 is almost out; but given that it's a live-service game, the launch is only the beginning. Thanks to a new roadmap, we now have a better look at what to expect in The Division 2 in post-launch; the brave new world in which live-service titles live or die.

The Division 2's latest trailer outlines the yearlong content roadmap, as well as the Year 1 season pass. Much of the main post-launch content for The Division 2 will be free, however.

Shortly after launch all players will gain access to the Tidal Basin, a new stronghold held by the Black Tusks faction. Operation Dark Hours will follow that and introduce the first 8-player raid in The Division franchise. The rest of the year will be broken down into three episodes, all of which will be available for free.

  • Episode 1, D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions – Players will explore the surrounding areas of Washington D.C. and will fight in two new main missions and a new Expeditions mode. Releases Summer 2019.
  • Episode 2: Pentagon: The Last Castle – The Pentagon will become accessible to players and will include new main missions in America's famous bureaucratic building. Releases Autumn 2019.
  • Episode 3 – Rounding out the year in Winter 2019, there's not a lot of details for the third episode other than how it will "pave the way for more content to come."

There are also three unannounced specializations, or character classes, coming to The Division 2 post-launch. These specializations unlock new weapons and skill trees and will also be available for free later in the year.

So, with all the free content why spend $39.99 for the season pass? Well, according to Ubisoft, the season pass will give players access to all of Year 1's narrative content seven days early. They'll also get instant access to the new class specializations, eight classified assignments (side missions), and exclusive cosmetics for their characters. But honestly it sounds like your bases are covered without the season pass. Either way, the pass is included if you purchase any of the special editions for The Division 2.

Check out our The Division 2 preview for our hands-on experience with The Division 2's end game content. Or check out our Division 2 guide for our complete coverage.

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