The Division - Establish Base of Operations

The Division - Establish Base of Operations

Secure the Base of Operations.

This walkthrough will give you step-by-step instructions for completing one of the first missions in The Division, Base of Operations. This includes helping you understand Camp Hudson, and the combat scenarios that will present themselves on your journey.

After exiting the helicopter at Camp Hudson, players will be able to browse around and speak with the various vendors and NPCs in the area. You can’t really do much with them since your wallet is empty, but you can at least get a feel for what they’re all about. If you had some Credits, you would be able to purchase goods from each of them. Since you don’t, it’s time to move on.

Establish Base of Operations

Continue to make your way through Camp Hudson until you exit the safe zone and can draw your weapon. From here, pull up your map and continue to snap to the markers until you hear radio chatter and see Establish Base of Operations. Select the mission and exit your map to see a waypoint that will take you to your destination. There might be other ways to go, and other things to see on your travels, but we stuck with the path outlined by the game.

As you enter the Pennsylvania Plaza zone you’ll see two thugs looting a dead body up ahead. If you aim your weapon at them your crosshairs should turn red, meaning they are hostile. We chose to engage them immediately, not giving them an opportunity to return fire. Your best bet is to take cover behind one of the vehicles leading to them, popping in and out of cover until they’re both dead.

As we continued on, our path led us to a JTF Support encounter. Since we needed to go through there to get to our main objective, we decided to help out. Use cover and slowly pick off the bad guys, looting the gear that is dropped when the fight is over. There should only be a total of two waves. If your route doesn't take you through any random events, just continue on your way and don't worry about it.

When you’re ready, continue on the path a short distance further and you’ll begin to hear some radio chatter between a JTF Soldier and Faye Lau. This will update your objective.

Secure the Base of Operations

Move close enough to the action that you can take good shots, ducking into cover before you decide to open up. If you have any grenades, throwing one into a cluster of bad guys wouldn’t be a bad option. If you don’t, just use your primary and secondary weapons, popping in and out of cover until the first group is cleared out.

Move up a little bit and continue to use cover to pick off your remaining foes. When they’re all dead, look on the ground for anything that they’ve dropped. This is one of the ways that you can find new weapons and gear to use yourself, or to sell to the vendors that you’ve found around the map. Killing the final enemy will also complete this mission.

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