The Division Base of Operations Guide - Rewards Claim Vendor

The Division Base of Operations Guide - Rewards Claim Vendor

Everything you need to know about your hideout.

This guide will help players to understand everything they need to know about their Base of Operations in The Division. This includes the Weapons Vendor, Gear Vendor, Mods Vendor and Rewards Claim Vendor. We’ll also talk about the Restock Crate, Personal Stash, JTF Officer, Crafting Station, and three wings that you can upgrade - the Medical Wing, Tech Wing and Security Wing. The Base of Operations is the lifeblood of your existence in mid-crisis Manhattan, so understanding it is vital.

Before players can start to upgrade and interact with their Base of Operations in The Division, they’ll first have to unlock it by completing one of the game’s early story missions. If you’ve yet to do so, you can read USgamer’s The Division - Establish Base of Operations walkthrough. When you’re done, everything you read here will make much more sense.

Base Restoration

Just past Base Restoration, as you enter the main room, is your Restock Crate. Use it often.

When you first enter the Base of Operations you’ll see the Base Restoration screen. This will tell you how far you’ve progressed in upgrading everything, with separate readings for Security Wing, Tech Wing and Medical Wing. It will also tell you how many supplies you have available for upgrading each wing. You’ll need at least 200 for the basic upgrades, and up to 1,000 for the more complex stuff. Continue moving forward and you’ll enter the main room for the Base of Operations, which includes quite a few people you need to get familiar with.

Weapons Vendor

The Weapons Vendor will sell you items that fall into the weapons category. This includes all of your guns, but none of your gear. They also don’t sell grenades, or at least they don’t for us at this point in the game. The vendors at your Base of Operations will typically sell gear comparable to your level, so it’s worth the wait to buy something that is of a slightly higher quality.

Gear Vendor

The Gear Vendor will sell you anything that counts as armor, but isn’t cosmetic. Think about items like your Knee Pads and Chest Armor, while your boots, hat and coat would fall into the cosmetic category. Again, the gear is usually comparable to your level, so buying something in the first hour or two of the game isn’t likely to pay off.

Mods Vendor

The Mods Vendor will sell you anything that can fit onto your weapon. Again, it’s not really worth it in the early going, but if you get a higher level weapon that you’d like to customize properly, the Mods Vendor does have some value. You should also keep in mind that these vendors will allow you to sell them goods in exchange for Credits, and their stock refreshes frequently, so check back often.

Rewards Claim Vendor

The Rewards Claim Vendor is past the stairs that lead to the Tech Wing, tucked away in the back.

As you enter the main room of your Base of Operations from the Base Restoration area. Run through the door in front of you and pass the stairs, keeping them on your left. At the back of the building is the Rewards Claim Vendor, which is where you can pick up any items that you received from the store, or from any promotions by Ubisoft and The Division.

Restock Crate

Players will find the Restock Crate directly to their left as they enter the main room of their Base of Operations. You’ll see these all throughout mission areas, but those ones typically only resupply you with bullets, not grenades and Medkits. The Restock Crate in your Base of Operations (and in Safe Houses) will restock all your gear, making it essential that you visit these locations frequently.

Personal Stash

Your Personal Stash is a place that you can store items you want to keep, but don’t want to keep in your backpack. You’ll find it a few feet away from the Restock Crate. It’s also the location that items you extract from the Dark Zone will show up. You won’t find a lot of use from it early in the game, but as you start to get high level gear, saving some of it will be important to your success.

JTF Officer

Check in with the JTF Officer to see what new missions she has for you to complete.

The JTF Officer is in the main room of your Base of Operations, standing with a board of seemingly missing persons behind her. Visit this NPC daily and she should give you some additional quests, even if they are very simple and repetitive. You can also find more tasks on the board to her right, but again, it appears this only updates once a day, if that. We’ll update you if we discover differently.

Crafting Station

You’ll find the Crafting Station in the main room, and this is where you can use the Blueprints that you’ve picked up during your journey to craft the weapons and gear you want. Of course, this requires the proper material to pull off, so consider opening your inventory and breaking down some of the weapons and gear bits that you have no intention of using.

Security Wing

The Security Wing is located just inside the main room and to the right. In total, just like the other two wings, it has 10 possible upgrades that will cost you between 200 and 1,000 supplies. Each of these upgrades will come with different Skills, Talents and Perks, but that is a different guide entirely. Here is a list of the 10 upgrades you’ll need to unlock.

  • Situation Room - 500
  • Armory - 500
  • Barracks - 1,000
  • Dark Zone Ops - 400
  • Supply Line - 400
  • Gunsmith - 400
  • Procurement Team - 200
  • Guard Posts - 200
  • Shooting Range - 200
  • Canine Unit - 200

Tech Wing

The Tech Wing is found through the door near your Personal Stash and up the stairs.

If you run into your Base of Operations, straight through the door next to Personal Stash and up the stairs, you’ll reach the Tech Wing. This, like the others, has 10 upgrades that can be unlocked for anywhere between 200 and 1,000 supplies. To gather these supplies, you’ll need to complete missions where Tech Wing Supplies are listed as one of the rewards. Here are the 10 upgrades.

  • Control Room - 500
  • Communications - 500
  • Division Tech - 1,000
  • Generators - 400
  • Water Purification - 400
  • Field Engineering - 400
  • Central Heating - 200
  • SatComms - 200
  • Recalibration - 200
  • Recharge Center - 200

Medical Wing

Most players will recall the Medical Wing form the betas, and not much has changed. You can find it by entering the main room of your Base of Operations, turning left, and then right when you reach the JTF Officer. As you might expect, the Skills, Talents and Perks that are associated with this wing have to deal with first-aid, so upgrading it all the way is important. Here’s the list of upgrades.

  • Clinic - 500
  • Virus Lab - 500
  • Disaster Aid - 1,000
  • Quarantine - 400
  • Intensive Care - 400
  • Hazmat Unit - 400
  • Decontamination Unit - 200
  • Pharmacy - 200
  • Counseling - 200
  • Pediatric Care – 200

Of course, the goal here is to unlock the upgrades that best compliment your play style. This is where you need to understand the Skills, Talents and Perks, which we’ll be covering separately and in-depth. For now, be sure to visit USgamer’s The Division - Walkthrough and Guide to browse through all of our guides to help you survive in The Division.

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