The Division - Best Skills and Signature Skills

The Division - Best Skills and Signature Skills

Design the perfect agent for The Division.

The Division isn’t just about having good aim, or choosing the right weapon for the job. It’s about building a character that will suit your personality and compliment the play styles of your fellow group members. This guide will go over what we consider to be the best Skills, including Signature Skills, in The Division.

As you may or may not realize, Skills in The Division are tied to the upgrades that you perform on your Base of Operations. For example, unlocking the Virus Lab in the Medical Wing will give players the Support Station Skill. If you were to then unlock the Hazmat Unit, this would give you three choices of Modifications, making that Skill even more powerful. There are even three Signature Skills, but we’ll get into that in a few minutes. If you’re still not following along, try reading USgamer’s Base of Operations Guide, and then returning to this one.

How to Equip Skills

In order to customize your agent’s Skills, also known as Abilities, you’ll need to bring up the in-game menu. You’re used to doing this to review your Inventory, but instead of that you’ll select the Abilities module. It’s here that you can navigate through the various Skills, setting up your agent in a way that compliments your style of play. If you see a Skill that you really want but haven’t unlocked, view that Skill to see what the prerequisite is to obtaining it.

Best Skills in The Division

We’ll begin by going over the standard Skills in The Division. The Medical Wing, Tech Wing and Security Wing each have three standard Skills, plus one Signature Skill that is tied to the most expensive upgrade to that wing of the Base of Operations. We’ll give you our list of the best standard Skills first, and then talk about our favorite of the three Signature Skills.

Pulse: Medical Wing - Unlocked Automatically

The Pulse Skill, unlocked automatically, will reveal nearby hostiles that players must watch out for.

It’s a basic Skill that all players will get very early in their game, but it’s also one of the most useful Skills out there, especially in the Dark Zone. As the name suggests, the Skill sends out a pulse that can be used to tag nearby enemies. While Rogue agents automatically show up in the Dark Zone, Pulse is a great way to see if anyone is sneaking up on your Extraction Area when you’re trying to secure your loot. If you’re looking to add Modifications, unlock the Quarantine (400 Supplies) upgrade from the Medical Wing and try the Recon Pack. This increases the Range of Pulse, and shows nearby containers that you can loot. Again, very handy in the Dark Zone.

Support Station: Medial Wing - Virus Lab

The Support Station is an effective way to heal or revive group members without breaking cover.

The Support Station is also from the Medical Wing, and is unlocked when you upgrade to the Virus Lab for 500 Supplies. This device can be placed at your feet or thrown, and will heal all allies within its range. In order to enjoy it at its finest, however, players will want to unlock the Hazmat Unit (400 Supplies) from the Medical Wing and equip the Life Support Modification. This will not only heal nearby allies, but also revive them. Because you can throw the Support Station, agents will now be able to heal members of their group from a distance, without ever breaking cover and exposing themselves to enemy fire. If you’re in a group of four, someone must have this Skill and Modification pairing.

Turret: Tech Wing - Control Room

The Turret will definitely be one the more popular Skills that players will use in the Division. Obtained by unlocking the Control Room (500 Supplies) from the Tech Wing, it can be thrown from cover and will deploy, as the name suggests, a Turret that will engage the enemy. That alone is cool and useful, but the Modifications are even better. By unlocking the Water Purification (400 Supplies) upgrade to the Tech Wing, agents can equip the Dragonbreath Modification. The Turret is still deployed in the same manner, but instead of bullets, will shoot out a column of fire. It does have a reduced range, but you can’t go wrong with setting your foes on fire.

Mobile Cover: Security Wing - Armory

Players are never caught out in the open if they have the Mobile Cover Skill. Mod it for two players.

We’ll start out by saying that the Armory (500 Supplies) upgrade to the Security Wing is possibly the best investment you can make. Not only do you get Mobile Cover, allowing players to deploy a shield at their convenience, but you also get the Advanced Weaponry vendor at your Base of Operations. Trust us, you want this guy. Getting back to the Skill, adding the Gunsmith upgrade to your Security Wing will allow you to equip the Extension Modification, making the shield more durable, and large enough to let two players take cover behind it. There are a couple of other fairly cool Modifications that you can make, but that one is by far the most functional.

Best Signature Skill in The Division

Each wing of your Base of Operations has a single upgrade that costs 1,000 Supplies to unlock. Each of these upgrades are tied to a Signature Skill. For players on consoles, Skills are typically deployed using the L1 or R1 on the PS4, and Left Bumper or Right Bumper on the Xbox One. Signature Skills, however, are deployed by pressing L1 + R1, or Left Bumper + Right Bumper. On PC, Signature Skills are used by pressing the T button.

Now that you know how to unlock and use a Signature Skill, here is our favorite of the three choices. Keep in mind, this depends heavily on play style, so you may disagree.

Tactical Link: Tech Wing - Division Tech

As we mentioned, players can unlock this Signature Skill by purchasing the Division Tech (1, 000 Supplies) upgrade from the Tech Wing. This will increase the damage output and critical hit chance to yourself and your nearby allies. The damage buff on this is 50 percent, while the critical hit buff is 20 percent. It will only last for 12 seconds, and only applies to allies within 25 meters, but it’s a game changer. The cool down is 14 minutes and 1 second, so you better mean it if you plan to use it. If you want our advice, and you probably do if you’ve gotten this far into the article, save it for that moment when a mission’s final boss is walking you down and looking to finish you off.

That’s it for our list of best Skills and Signature Skills. There’s a lot more to the Division, of course, and you can read about all of it with USgamer’s The Division Walkthrough and Guide.

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