The Division - Breaking Bad Easter Egg

The Division - Breaking Bad Easter Egg

Find the ECHO of the one who knocks.

Among the many references game developers hide within their games, Breaking Bad Easter Eggs have become more common since the conclusion of the television series. This article will show you where to find the Breaking Bad Easter Egg reference hidden within The Division.

The Division contains a variety of different video game and pop culture references throughout the streets of Manhattan. The Breaking Bad Easter Egg in The Division is likely one of the more noteworthy references in the game.

The Breaking Bad Easter Egg comes in the form of an ECHO collectible. Upon analyzing the ECHO, fans of Breaking Bad will definitely recognize this Easter Egg as an undeniable reference to the hit television show.

To locate the Breaking Bad reference, start at the Wolves Den Safe House in the Clinton District at the northwest section of the map. Exit the Safe House by climbing down the ladder. Walk through the school buses toward a dark alleyway across the street from the school.

Enter the alley, and turn left at the blue van. Locate a ladder that leads up to a fire escape stairwell. Climb the ladder to the top of the first building, then continue onto a second ladder to reach the adjacent rooftop. Here, you will find remnants of an end-of-the-world rooftop party.

Approach the patio to detect the nearby ECHO transmission. Activate the ECHO to reconstruct the End of the World Party that took place here previously. Collect the ECHO, then walk around the reconstruction to analyze the details of the party.

At the activation spot where you detected the ECHO, turn right and locate a pair of individuals sharing drinks. Upon hovering over their name indicators, the pair are identified as Jonathan Pinkman and William White. This is a clear reference to the names of the two Breaking Bad protagonists, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White.

If there were still doubts about this being a Breaking Bad reference, the individual bio descriptions should put any doubts to rest. The description for William White reads that he is a chemistry teacher who operated a car wash at one point, while Jonathan Pinkman’s description labels him as unemployed with a criminal record.

A few steps away, there is another individual in the ECHO named Saul Hammond who is undoubtedly a reference to Breaking Bad’s favorite tacky lawyer, Saul Goodman. The occupation in the description lists Saul Hammond as a vacuum cleaner salesperson. While this isn’t the exact occupation of Saul Goodman in the show, this is likely a reference to Saul Goodman’s close associate Ed, who used a vacuum cleaner business as a cover for his real occupation.

There are several other individuals in the ECHO who have bio descriptions, including a person named Ryan Hale who is teetering on the outer edge of the rooftop balcony. The bio describes Ryan as having a history of drug abuse, so this may also be a Breaking Bad reference.

Another named pair stand near the party stage, while a named woman sits at one of the tables amongst the crowd. The names and descriptions for these individuals didn’t seem to be blatant Breaking Bad references like the previous examples, but these people may still be a part of the Easter Egg nonetheless.

The Division contains plenty of other Easter Eggs for fans to discover, including references to other Ubisoft game titles. Head over to USGamer’s The Division Walkthrough and Guide for more tips, intel, and interesting features.

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