The Division - Broadway Emporium, Defeat Kosinski

The Division - Broadway Emporium, Defeat Kosinski

Secure samples from Abel’s department store.

This guide will show players how to complete the Broadway Emporium story mission in The Division. Completing this mission rewards players with medical supplies that allow for new Medical Wing upgrades in the Base of Operations.

For this mission, you are tasked with retrieving virus samples from infected money within Abel’s department store. Successful completion of the Broadway Emporium mission grants a significant amount of XP, allowing you to level up faster. This mission also rewards players with 500 Medical Wing Supplies, which can be used to upgrade the Medical Wing to unlock new skills for your character.

Enter Abel’s Department Store

This mission begins at Abel’s department store, several blocks east of your Base of Operations. Bring up the map and select the Broadway Emporium mission from the Mission Overview list to place a waypoint marker at this location.

Secure the Area

When you enter Abel’s department store, several hostiles will be standing throughout the main lobby. Use the nearby counters and pillars for cover, and eliminate the hostile threat to secure the area.

Turn on the Sprinkler System

It’s pretty hard to miss the large flaming Christmas tree set ablaze in the center of the store. You’ll need to gain access to the sprinkler system to put out the flames. Locate a corridor to the right of the store entrance, just past the elevators.

Open the door on the left at the end of the hall, and follow the objective marker through several rooms downstairs. Turn the wheel to activate the sprinkler system, and try not to set yourself on fire along the way.

Search for the Contaminated Dollar Bills (3)

Return to the main entrance upstairs. Begin searching for contaminated dollar bills inside cash registers or tip jars throughout the area. Follow the objective markers if you need help finding areas to search.

Secure the Area

Once you have scanned three locations for potentially contaminated money, prepare to fend off another wave of enemies. These hostiles will be disbursed along both the upper and lower levels. If you have the Pulse ability, scan the area to mark targets and keep track of enemy movements.

Search for Contaminated Dollar Bills (2)

Continue searching cash registers and other locations for contaminated dollar bills, using the spyglass objective markers as your guide. Once you have scanned two of the contaminated areas, continue following the waypoints to reach the next objective.

Activate Sprinkler

You’ll need to override the alarm system and activate the sprinklers so that the money samples you’re searching for don’t burn to a crisp. Follow the barking sound of the alarm to locate the override switch on a wall just past a broken escalator.

Recover Dollar Bills

The bills you need are somewhere in the contaminated zone of the department store. Follow the waypoint marker to find the bill recovery location.

Activate Sprinkler

Locate a corridor to the left of the Kerman Coffee shop on the upper floor. On the wall, you’ll find another barking alarm that needs an override. Interact with the button to activate the sprinkler system. Also, make sure to resupply your ammo at the Restock crate to the right of the button.

From the override button, walk past the elevators, keeping close to the wall. Around the corner, you’ll find a Christmas tree with several gifts beneath it. Loot the crate behind the Christmas tree to obtain some valuable items.

Defend Area

Another set of Cleaners will storm into the upper level. Use cover to fend off these fiery foes and defend the area.

Recover Dollar Bills

Once the area is secure and free of hostiles, continue your search for the contaminated bills. Follow the objective waypoint to a tip jar in a nearby shop. Scan the jar to recover the bills.

Rappel Down Elevator Shaft

With the dirty money in tow, you can now leave the contaminated area. Return to the elevators to the left of Kerman Coffee, near where you activated the sprinklers earlier. Be sure to quickly resupply at the nearby Restock crate before leaving the area. Interact with the cords at the elevator doors to rappel down the elevator shaft when you’re ready.

Secure the Area

When you reach the bottom of the elevator shaft, you will be back in the main lobby of the department store. Prepare to fight off the large group of enemies that emerge from behind the escalators.

One of these foes is a heavily armored elite named Kosinski, who is equipped with a hefty flamethrower. Focus on eliminating the other hostiles first before dealing with Kosinski.

Kosinski's flamethrower reaches quite far, so try to maintain some distance from Kosinski when battling him. Move quickly from cover to cover in order to separate yourself from the enemy.

Eliminate Kosinski and the remaining hostiles to secure the area and complete the mission. Return to your Base of Operations to upgrade the Medical Wing and unlock new skills or abilities. Check out our The Division Walkthrough and Guide for more story missions and features.

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