The Division - Character Creation Guide

The Division - Character Creation Guide

How to create your character in The Division.

This article will explain all of the options available to you when creating your character in The Division. This happens very early in the game, and once it’s done you’re stuck with your choices. To ensure that you don’t have any regrets, let us go over the options with you before you get started.

Once you’ve taken care of creating your character, you’ll begin a journey that will lead you to the Base of Operations. This will act as your main hideout in The Division, so it’s important to understand all of the moving parts at work. If you’re not sure what to upgrade, or even how to upgrade it, we suggest that you study USgamer’s The Division - Base of Operations Guide.

Make sure you're happy with your selections before you confirm. You can't fix this stuff later on.

The character creation menu is actually done in the reflection of an abandoned police car at the start of The Division, just after the intro cut scene. There five main categories that gamers can customize, and each one has a sub-category or two that can be tinkered with as well. Let’s begin.

Basic Customization

The first step in the creating a character is choosing the gender. This is entirely up to you, as it will in no way change the abilities that you as a player have. Once you’ve done that, you can then move on and select the type of face that you wish to have, the skin tone of your character, and even the color of your eyes. Again, everything in the character creation section is cosmetic, so go wild with whatever you want your Division agent to look like.

Hair Customization

When you’ve finished with the basics, scroll along the top and you can start customizing your hair. This includes your hairstyle and facial hairstyle, as well as your hair color. It should also be noted that if you change your mind about anything, you can move back to a previous tab before you confirm the appearance of your agent. Once you leave this menu, however, you’re stuck with your decisions.

Markings Customization

It's a dangerous world out there. Seems reasonable to think we'd be sporting a bad ass scar.

As you might expect, choosing your character’s markings involves scars, war paint, and even tattoos. Scroll through and choose between five different scars, and several more styles of war paint and tattoos. There isn’t a lot to choose from here, so expect to run into quite a few agents that look strikingly similar to yourself. Maybe you have a sibling out there?

Accessories Customization

Your final options to customize your agent will include choosing between 10 different piercings and glasses. We’re not talking about 10 of each, but rather 10 between the two. Again, this is some of the most underwhelming character customization we’ve seen, so try to create someone that at least stands a chance of looking unique.

Confirm Character

When you’re sure that you’ve made all the right choices, scroll to the right and choose the option to confirm. This will cause the game to authorize your agent, and then it’s on to more pressing business, like dealing with the situation in Brooklyn. Again, don’t confirm this unless you’re positive it’s what you wish to look like, because changing it in a couple of hours is not an option.

For more guides, walkthrough content and tutorials for The Division, visit USgamer’s The Division Walkthrough and Guide.

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