The Division - General Assembly, Defeat Colonel Bliss

The Division - General Assembly, Defeat Colonel Bliss

Attempt to rescue the virologist from the LMB.

This walkthrough will show you how to complete the final story mission in The Division, titled General Assembly. For this mission, you must infiltrate the UN headquarters and rescue Vitaly Tchernenko from the Last Man Battalion. Follow our steps to recover the virologist and neutralize Lt. Col. Charles Bliss.

This mission is the final story mission in The Division. Completing this mission will reward you with additional XP to help your character reach the level cap. Though it is possible to play this mission alone, we recommend teaming up with other agents to make the most of the activities in this mission.

Talk to the JTF Commander, Take The Explosive

At the mission starting area, approach the JTF commander to receive a new set of breaching charges. The goal is to have Captain Benitez and his crew distract the LMB while you breach into the building. After speaking to the commander, open the gun case on the boxes nearby to receive the explosives.

Eliminate the LMB Guards

Proceed toward the south gate and eliminate all hostile LMB in the area. Climb the ladder on the left to reach the sniper’s nest if you wish to pick off enemies from up high.

Wait for the JTF to Breach the Gates

The JTF will send a soldier to cut through the gate on the left, so just wait patiently until he is finished.

Reach the Wall Breach Location

Pass through the gates and keep to the left. Follow a path on the left and head down the staircase to access the tunnels.

Eliminate the LMB

Continue until you reach the tunnels below the street. Prepare to face more LMB soldiers as they arrive on the far end of the tunnel. Use the nearby vehicles as cover, and neutralize the hostiles accordingly.

Breach into the Parking Garage

Eliminate the hostiles, then enter the doorway on the opposite end of the tunnel. Follow the marker to locate a white brick wall. Set the breaching charge at the base of the wall, then stand back to watch it blow a hole into the garage.

Eliminate the LMB

You know the drill. Once you breach the parking garage wall, another wave of LMB will be inbound on your position. Take cover behind a vehicle and prepare to take out each hostile threat.

Reach the Courtyard

Proceed to the exit door at the far side of the garage. Be sure to resupply at the Restock crate near the door before you leave. Continue up the staircase to return to the surface at the outer courtyard.

Hack the Turrets

When you reach the courtyard, beware of the active turrets and the incoming hostile LMB. An elite enemy will be among the hostiles, so be ready to take them out.

Follow the objective marker up the walkway stairs to reach the turret control panel. Access the panel to hack and disable the turrets, allowing JTF reinforcements to come through. If you need ammo, there is a Restock crate at the base of the walkway where the control panel is located, around the corner from the ladder.

Assault the UN

Enter the UN building and follow the objective marker up the escalator. Go through the back door and proceed up the stairwell.

Neutralize the LMB

Once you reach the Global Communications office, you’ll be met with more hostile LMB resistance. Use the office desks as cover, and eliminate all hostile threats. One of the hostiles is an elite medic. It’s best to take down the medic as quickly as possible to prevent other hostiles from healing or reviving.

Afterward, be sure to check the office for valuable loot and other collectibles. There are several backpacks and containers in the side rooms of the office that may contain medkits or other useful inventory items.

Investigate Keener

Enter the conference room, and locate a body on the floor. Activate the nearby ECHO data to analyze the past event regarding Keener and the virologist.

Reach the General Assembly

Continue to the double doors at the back of the office. Use the keypad on the wall to open the doors, and resupply at the Restock crate on the other side.

Eliminate the LMB Command

Enter the General Assembly hall and proceed to eliminate all hostile threats in the room. Among the armored LMB is an elite soldier named Raptor. Keep to the upper walkway to fire at Raptor from up high. Deploying your turret can help, but keep in mind that the enemy can hack your turret to turn it hostile. Continue firing at Raptor to keep them suppressed while another team member deals damage.

Reach the General Assembly

Continue up the staircase toward the General Assembly. There will be a Restock crate on a table just to the left of the double doors at the top of the stairs. There are more enemies ahead, so make sure your weapons are fully stocked.

Neutralize the LMB Command

Once you reach the General Assembly room, proceed to neutralize the enemy threats. Focus on eliminating the medics first, to prevent other hostiles from healing. Medics are indicated by a medical cross icon beside their health bar.

More hostiles will arrive through the gallery. Stay on the upper concourse to maintain a height advantage over the incoming enemies. Check the balconies for a sniper that will assault you from up high. Once you’ve neutralized the remaining LMB in the room, wait for instructions from Captain Benitez and Faye Lau.

Interact with the Laptop

Locate a laptop in front of the stage in the center of the General Assembly. Use the laptop to download critical intel from the LMB servers.

Neutralize the LMB Command

After accessing the laptop, more LMB soldiers will arrive through the back doors, including an elite gunner named Domino. Hunker down behind cover near the stage, and get ready to eliminate the incoming hostiles.

Domino has high protections that you must diminish before dealing damage. Deploy a turret if you have it equipped to suppress Domino or force him out of cover. Watch out for turrets or explosives that Domino may toss in your direction. Neutralize Domino and the other hostile threats to secure the General Assembly hall.

Talk to the JTF Commander

Exit the General Assembly through the double doors you entered through earlier. Resupply at the Restock crate beside the doors, then speak with the JTF commander near the stairs.

Reach the Courtyard

Follow the JTF commander outside to the courtyard. The courtyard is a no respawn zone, so make sure to restock your ammo for the fight ahead.

Defeat Colonel Bliss

Colonel Bliss will arrive via helicopter, which will be hovering over the courtyard. You must take down the helicopter itself, but you’ll need more than just your weapons to do so.

This is the same courtyard where you disabled the turrets earlier. Now you can use these turrets to your advantage. The helicopter will destroy the master control panel, so each turret must be controlled individually instead.

Run up the turret platforms, and use the small panel to manually activate each turret. The turrets will aid you in distracting and damaging Bliss’ helicopter, allowing you to take down the aircraft.

Continue to unleash your assault on Colonel Bliss’ chopper. Use the turret platforms as cover to avoid getting blinded by the helicopter flashes. Defeat Colonel Bliss and eliminate any remaining LMB to conclude this final story mission.

Loot the area for valuable weapon drops before leaving. When ready, fast travel back to the Base of Operations to upgrade the Security Wing. Upgrading the three wings of your base causes new skills and perks to become available.

With the story missions complete, you can now access daily missions and should be prepared for the Dark Zone. Head over to our The Division Walkthrough and Guide to learn some basic tips before heading to the Dark Zone.

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