The Division - Grand Central Station, Defeat Cpt. Foley

The Division - Grand Central Station, Defeat Cpt. Foley

Help secure the base at Grand Central Station.

This walkthrough will show you how to complete the Grand Central Station story mission in The Division. Completing this mission will allow you to obtain more Security Wing Supplies for your Base of Operations. Follow our steps to secure the station and earn additional XP.

For this mission, your task is to disable the LMB turrets and secure the base at Grand Central Station. Successfully completing the mission grants additional Security Wing Supplies, XP, and Credits.

Security supplies are used to unlock features in the Security Wing, causing new combat based perks and skills to become available. Completing story missions helps your character level up, allowing you to take on more difficult challenges, such as the Dark Zone.

This mission takes place at Grand Central Station, just east of the Dark Zone. The Grindhouse is the closest safe house to this mission, so start there if you have this safe house unlocked. Bring up your map and select this mission to place a waypoint marker for you to follow to the starting location.

Enter the Subway Station

Begin the mission by following the objective marker to a stairwell on the corner of 14th Street leading down to the subway. Descend the stairs to enter the subway.

Assault the LMB Checkpoint

Several hostile LMB soldiers are positioned throughout the station entrance. Open fire on the idle hostiles to gain their attention, then take them out. When the enemies will call for backup, stay in cover and eliminate the incoming hostiles.

Neutralize the LMB

Once you have secured the checkpoint, go down the escalator to reach the lower level. Proceed to neutralize all LMB soldiers in the area. Each soldier will be marked with an objective marker for easy tracking. An elite sniper will be near the Subway Police station at the far wall. Try to eliminate the other LMB soldiers first before focusing your attention on the sniper.

Reach the Control Room

Search within the Police Station office and loot the crate beside the servers. Then, head down the stairwell to the train level. If you need to resupply your ammo, there is a Restock crate at the base of the stairs.

Brace yourself as you approach the train tracks. More enemies will arrive from across the tracks. Take cover, and neutralize the hostile LMB forces. Continue forward through the station along the train tracks. Try to check the train cars for loot hidden in corners behind the seats. Follow the signs pointing to the control room, and be sure to hit up the Restock crate before you enter the control room itself.

Disable the Turrets

Neutralize the LMB guards inside the control room. Use the laptop at the center of the control room to disable the outer turrets.

Reach Street Level

Once the turrets are disabled, the LMB will call for backup. Exit the control room through the side stairwell and make your way back to the street level.

Assault Grand Central Terminal

With the turrets disabled, you can now proceed to eliminate the hostiles guarding the terminal checkpoint. Neutralize all hostile LMB soldiers to secure the terminal area.

Defend Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal won’t stay quiet for long. Another wave of LMB will make one last attempt to reclaim the terminal. Keep the hostiles at bay as you wait for friendly reinforcements to arrive.

As to be expected, several elite soldiers will be headed your way as well. Make sure to resupply your ammunition at the Restock crate near the perimeter to prepare for the battle ahead.

An elite grenadier named Cpt. Foley will arrive with several other heavily armored LMB soldiers. Deploy a turret or use an LMG to suppress Cpt. Foley while other team members fire on his position. Aim for his backpack to deal additional damage.

Once Cpt. Foley is neutralized, proceed to eliminate the remaining hostiles to secure the base and conclude the mission. From here, fast travel back to your Base of Operations and spend your newly earned security supplies to upgrade your Security Wing. More skills, perks, and talents become available as you continue to upgrade each wing of your base.

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