The Division - How to Farm High End Loot

The Division - How to Farm High End Loot

The fastest way to get High End drops.

This guide will give players the most current and effective ways to farm High End loot in The Division.

Farming High End loot in The Division not only gives you a shot at getting some weapons and armor that can help you to progress further into The Division end game activities, it can also provide you with valuable crafting materials. These are essential for crafting (and re-crafting) your favorite High End Blueprints in search of that perfect roll, something that will get much more difficult with the April 12 update.

Because The Division is always changing, we’re always on the lookout for new ways that you can farm High End loot. What we advise you to do today could be patched tomorrow (see below), but for now these are the best ways to get as many High End drops as you possibly can. Of course, some of these will fall into the category of exploits, so if you’re not into that you should skip those suggestions for more honorable methods.

How to Farm High End Loot

While the method below uses the Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint as an example, you can also do similar things on Russian Consulate and Madison Field Hospital. We’ve embedded a great video by Brian from PS4Tropies, and you should absolutely visit his channel to stay current on the best loot farming methods.

Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint Exploit

Perhaps the fastest way to farm High End drops is using the Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint mission on the Challenging (Daily) difficulty. You’re going to want to roll with a squad for this, but you shouldn’t have trouble finding one of those. Even if you do, we can’t help you with that part.

Play through the mission to the final boss fight where you face off against Finch. The trick here is that you need to get out of bounds so that you can kill Finch, causing him to drop rewards, but also allowing you to repeat the process over and over again.

Run past Finch on the left side of the map and look for a chain-link fence. You’ll need the Mobile Cover with the Extension modification, allowing you to toss it halfway into the fence. Watch the embedded video for an example. You can then snap to the Mobile Cover, walking outside the map and out of bounds. If you look at your mini map, you’ll see that there is a blue shaded area. When you’re outside of this you are outside of the playable area. At least one member of your team needs to be out here before you kill Finch.

Kill Finch, but not all of the NPCs. Have one player go back into the blue shaded area and die. This will cause the final boss fight in the mission to restart. The player that died can just fast-travel back to one of the members of your team that is out of bounds, and your group can repeat the process. When you need to grab your loot, have one person stay out of bounds and send the other members in to grab their stuff.

Finch won’t drop something High End every time, but he will do it often enough to make this run worth your time. He is also known to drop the High End Navy MP5, which seems to be a fan favorite in The Division.

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Dark Zone Named Boss Farming

A legitimate way to farm High End loot, but much more ineffective, is to do so in the deadlier areas of the Dark Zone. We’re talking about DZ05 and DZ06. You are almost certainly going to want to roll with a team of people if you plan to survive, and even then there is a great risk of Rogues ending your fun. Even so, if you want to fight some of the more difficult enemies in the game for High End loot, this is where you need to go.

We’re currently working on a list of all the named bosses in the Dark Zone, but we’re not ready with it just yet. For now, a visit to Reddit or a Google search should help you find a map with some of their locations. Put your best team together, and head inside the Dark Zone to battle it out. Even if you don’t get loads of High End drops, it’s still one of the more intense and rewarding end game activities in The Division.

High End Loot - Patch 1.1

After we wrote the first two sections of this Article, Massive released an update that changed the game in quite a big way. While crafting is getting more difficult with the Incursion update, High End loot drops are a guarantee when you kill a named boss. The level of the boss will determine how good the loot is, but either way you are getting High End loot every time you take out one of the named bosses in The Division.

This makes our second method of Dark Zone named boss farming much more effective. You can now head into DZ05 and DZ06 with your squad and know that you’re going to be rewarded for your trouble. Of course, if they don’t patch the exploit seen in the PS4Trophies video, Finch is going to be a Level 32 named boss that you can kill every minute or two, and he’s going to give you a top notch High End drop every time.

Until the patch, choose your favorite method that we’ve outlined here. After the patch, we’ll do some digging and figure out what the best way to farm High End loot is at that point.

If you’re looking for more help with The Division, visit USgamer’s The Division Walkthrough and Guide to see a list of all our content.

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