The Division - How to Get the High End M1A

The Division - How to Get the High End M1A

Get ready to embrace the grind, agents.

This guide will show players how they can farm High End drops in an attempt to get the High End Classic M1A Marksman Rifle in The Division. This weapon is considered by some to be the best Marksman Rifle in the game, and most players want to see the Balance Talent roll when it drops. None of this is a guarantee, of course, so you have some work ahead of you.

There are several ways that you can attempt to farm this weapon in The Division, but there’s a solid chance that you’ll just end up with different High End weapons and armor pieces instead. Honestly, that’s not such a bad thing, as most players can still use just about any High End that drops for them. We’ll be sure to recap all of the ways that BreezyPeazy did in his video, which you can watch down below.

How to Get a High End Classic M1A

In order to use the first method, which is going to be filed as an exploit, you’ll need the Mobile Cover with the Extension modification. Set the Police Academy mission to Hard and launch it when you’re ready. You’ll run straight down the street to the target building, but you won’t be going inside.

As shown in the BreezyPeazy video, toss your Mobile Cover with the Extension modification at the double doors that open up in the final fight of the mission. You’ll throw it down sideways so part of the cover is actually sticking through the door and emerging at the reception area on the inside of the building. You should then be able to snap to cover and slide through the door. From here, head into the gym and fire up the Rogue Agent 03: Captured ECHO. All this does is skip the first portion of the mission so you can save time.

Fight the waves of enemies that attack you and spill through the double doors. When the mission is over, there is a chance that a High End Classic M1A Marksman Rifle will drop. There's also a chance that no High End will drop, and you'll only get something Superior from the boss. If a High End does drop, great, and we hope that you got the Balance Talent to roll with your shiny new gun. If it didn’t, you can relaunch the mission and do this again should you feel the need.

If you’re just looking to get a High End drop, and not necessarily the Classic M1A, you can fire up the Lexington Event Center on the Challenging difficulty. This will take you and a skilled team of players about half an hour to do, but it will give you a solid 30 Phoenix Credits for your trouble, as well as a High End armor piece.

Should you prefer to do your farming in the Dark Zone, you’ll again want to grab a solid group of players to help you out. Head to DZ05 and make your way to the landmark called The Pit. This area will provide you with Level 32 enemies, and they will give you a decent shot at High End drops. Again, there is absolutely no guarantee that this will lead to the High End Classic M1A Marksman Rifle, but you are sure to get some quality drops no matter what.

If you are just here for the High End Classic M1A Marksman Rifle, our suggestion is the first method, since it will only take you about five minutes per run. If you aren’t interested in exploits, the final two methods are as legitimate as they come, and will at the very least ensure you get good drops, even if you don’t get the weapon you’re looking for.

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