The Division - Hudson Refugee Camp, Defeat Martinez

The Division - Hudson Refugee Camp, Defeat Martinez

Secure the civilians at the rail yard.

This walkthrough will help players complete the Hudson Refugee Camp story mission in The Division. We will show you how to secure the refugee camp at the Hudson Rail Yards and defeat Martinez. Completing this mission will unlock new skills through your Base of Operations.

Dr. Kandel has requested for you to retrieve blood samples from the civilians at the Hudson Refugee Camp. Completing this mission will reward you with additional medical supplies that can be used to unlock new skills under the Medical Wing of your Base of Operations. You will also earn a significant amount of XP for successfully completing this mission, which will aid your overall character progression.

The Hudson Refugee Camp is located west of your Base of Operations. Bring up your map and select this mission to place a waypoint for you to follow. For most missions in The Division, we suggest that you attempt missions when you are at or above the recommended level. Keep in mind that teaming up with other agents may increase the number of hostiles you encounter during missions, so just be prepared.

Investigate Hudson Yards

Enter the main gate to the Hudson Refugee Camp, and descend the stairs to the left. When you reach the debris at the base of the stairs, locate and collect the ECHO reconstruction on the ground just past the fence.

Neutralize Hostile Cleaners

As you enter the rail yard, a horde of hostile Cleaners will converge on your position. These enemies mainly wield flamethrowers, ballistic shields, and explosives. Maintain your distance and stay in cover to avoid their attacks. Try to aim for the gas canister on the Cleaner’s backs. Shoot a hole in the gas canister and wait a few moments for a satisfying explosion.

As you progress further toward the Refugee Camp, watch out for explosive charges planted along the base of pillars and doorways. These charges have a small red blinking light, and will detonate if you or your teammates get too close. Check for these charges and take them out before moving forward.

As you weave through the railcars and reach the refugees, keep an eye on your map for supplies and other loot that may be nearby. There are quite a few backpacks and containers stocked with valuable medkits, ammo, and food along the way.

Find the Chemical Source

Once you pass through the initial set of refugees, prepare to face another wave of Cleaners. There is a Restock crate just before you reach this area of hostiles. Stay in cover near the crate, and lure enemies through the railcar if necessary. This allows you to stay relatively safe while also having a steady ammo supply with the Restock crate nearby.

Clear the area of hostiles, and proceed up either side of the double staircase. Climb the ladder to the upper level to reach the next checkpoint. There’s also a pair of loot containers beside the pipes on the right that contain grenades, bullets, and other items.

Reach the Crane Controls

When you reach the construction area, you’ll be met with a large group of challenging foes. These enemies wield the same arsenal of flamethrowers and napalm as before, but this time you’ll face several armored enemies as well. Stick to the high ground on the scaffolding overlooking the area to maintain the height advantage and take out the Cleaners from up high.

Before moving forward toward the crane controls, search the far left corner of this construction lot for a loot crate on top of a truck. The crate likely contains a weapon or other valuable loot, so it’s worth the extra effort to check it out.

Find the Cleaner Foreman

Prepare to gun down another set of Cleaners as you pass through the crane location. You know the drill. Keep your distance, stay in cover, and fire at enemies as they reload to suppress their efforts.

Continue to follow the mission marker as it guides you through the construction area toward the foreman, and take out any hostiles you encounter along the way. You will eventually reach a high ledge with a ladder and several steps just beneath it. Before climbing up, search to the right of the steps to find a Restock crate. This is the final stretch of the mission, so make sure you are prepared for the fight ahead.

Neutralize Martinez and Secure the Area

Once you climb up onto the ledge, you must face the Cleaner foreman Martinez, as well as his napalm wielding underlings. Note that once you drop down off the ledge, you will be in the No Respawn zone. You may be hesitant to drop into this danger zone at first, but the lack of cover on the small ledge will make dropping down much more appealing.

There are several enemies who will chuck napalm explosives at your position, so be prepared to roll out of the way when you see the red circle appear around you. Focus on taking down the weakest opponents first, then shift your attention to breaking the protections of the armored Cleaners.

Martinez will keep cover on a platform on the far side of the area. It’s much easier to deal with him once the other Cleaners are gone, so save Martinez for last. Watch out for the crossfire from the turret on Martinez’s platform. Martinez doesn’t have a sniper rifle, so he’s not as lethal from a distance as some of the other elites from previous missions. However, his turret will get in a few extra shots while Martinez reloads, so you should still exercise caution.

Get to the Crane Controls

Once you have eliminated Martinez, loot his corpse for weapons and other items, then proceed to the crane controls. Use the keypad to open the fence gate just past Martinez’s platform at the back of the area. Ascend the staircase, and enter the building.

Abort the Crane Sequence

Interact with the laptop on the right near the window to abort the crane sequence, and conclude the mission. If you have earned enough medical supplies, you can return to the Base of Operations to upgrade your Medical Wing. Head over to USGamer’s The Division Walkthrough and Guide for more story mission walkthroughs and features.

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