The Division - Inventory Guide

The Division - Inventory Guide

Info on Skills, Attributes and Pouches.

As we continue to sift through all the information we have on The Division, we find ourselves looking into the game’s inventory system, breaking down the various tabs and options that players will have to master if they want to build the best character possible.

Earlier this week we took a look at your Base of Operations and Crafting. If you are trying to get yourself ready for The Division beta on January 28, we highly recommend that you read both of those. The Division is a game that has a lot more moving parts than most players might realize, and having some knowledge prior to loading up benefit you greatly.

Inventory Overview

When you bring up your inventory you’ll be faced with four tabs; Overview, Character, Pouches and Appearance. By default, you’ll be on the Overview tab, and there is quite a lot of information that you need to understand and process there.


Along the top of this tab (all tabs, actually) will be listings for your Primary DPS, Health and Skill Power. The Primary DPS is determined by several factors, including your Firearms skill (listed below the Primary DPS number), and even the DPS on your currently equipped weapon. The higher your Primary DPS listing, the more damage you will deal to enemies.

Your Health is determined strictly by your Stamina. The more Stamina you have, the higher your Health will be. The higher your Health is, the more you’ll be able to survive and stay alive. This is obviously a very important attribute. In order to increase your Stamina rating (and thus your Health), you’ll need to look closely at your gear. Your gear has attributes (either a Firearm, Stamina or Electronic attribute) that will change your overall rating for that category. Equip a lot of gear with a high Stamina rating, and you will be a player with a lot of Health.

The final listing on this page will be your Skill Power. It is also changed by equipping gear that has a higher Electronic value, but what it does obviously differs from your Health. Skill Power is basically a reading of how potent your Skills are, and those are unlocked through Base Restoration. Let’s say you have a Skill that allows you to heal your teammates. If your Skill Power is higher, you will be more effective at this. That goes for all Skills. The higher your Skill Power, the better you are at performing those unique actions.

Below the listings for Primary DPS, Health and Skill Power will be lists for your equipped weapons and gear, as well as some general information about them. For example, your gear will give you an Armor rating, and show you an icon to help you understand what skill you are increasing by equipping it. Your weapons will show you what Talents they have, which also come with a base amount of Firearm skill that you must have before that Talent can be equipped. It’s a lot take in, so feel free to watch the embedded video by Arekkz Gaming if you need some visual aid.


The Character tab is about giving you some general information that will help you keep track of what is going on with your agent. For example, the pane on the right (Primary Attributes) will tell you where you stand with Firearms, Stamina and Electronics. This part is slightly redundant, as you’ll notice that the rating is the same there as it is at the top of the screen. If you continue to scroll, however, you’ll see other readings for your Weapons, such as bonus damage that you are capable of doing with each type.

On the left side of this tab will be a reading for your Level, letting you know where you stand, and how far you must progress to hit the next one. There is also a Dark Zone Rank, which we are going to assume is related to your ranking while playing in the PvP Dark Zone. We’ll be sure to update you when we have more details on that.


Things gets a little more interesting with the Pouches, as these will hold items that don’t fit into the category of Weapons. In fact, you can expect to find the following gear in your Pouches.

  • Grenades
  • Consumables
  • Ammunition
  • Access Keys
  • Medkit
  • Crafting Sources

This tab is fairly self-explanatory, since Pouches would tend to carry things that fit into the list above. Each category has several items that can be found inside it, but rather than list them all, we again encourage you to check out the embedded video by Arekkz Gaming. He does a fantastic job of showing you the kinds of gear that you can store in Pouches. Definitely useful information.


The Appearance tab will hold listings for all of the things your character can wear, but that don’t provide you with an Attribute or Skill boost. These would be cosmetic only items, and can be found in the world, or possibly through micro transactions. These will cover your agent from head to toe, including hats, jackets, footwear, and everything in between. It’s very straightforward, so very little explanation is needed here. Dress your agent in a way that you want to.

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