The Division - Lexington Event Center, Defeat Larae Barrett

The Division - Lexington Event Center, Defeat Larae Barrett

Free the JTF hostages and secure the event center.

This walkthrough will help players complete the Lexington Event Center story mission in The Division. Players will receive additional XP and Security Wing Supplies for completing this mission, allowing new skills and perks to become available for upgrading the Base of Operations. Follow our steps to free the hostages and take down the Riker leader, Larae Barrett.

Upon completing this mission, you’ll receive Security Wing Supplies to upgrade the Security Wing within your Base of Operations. Upgrading the various wings of your base causes new talents, perks, and skills to become available. You will also receive a decent amount of XP, which allows your character to level up fast and equip better weapons and gear.

Lexington Event Center is located in the Kips Bay zone. If you need help finding this area, open your map and select the Lexington Event Center story mission from the Mission Overview tab to place a waypoint on your screen.

Secure the Hostage

As you approach the Lexington Event Center, you’ll encounter a hostage situation. Eliminate the hostiles in front of the building, then free the JTF hostage before heading inside.

Infiltrate the Building

Enter the building through the wooden double doors. Pass through the lobby, and head up the first staircase on the left. Go down the stairs ahead to find a locked door. Pick the lock to open the door and discover a loot chest inside. Keep in mind that you can increase the mission difficulty to earn better loot during missions.

Find the Other Hostages

Ascend the stairs to reach the Reception area on the third floor. Neutralize the hostile threats nearby, then proceed to locate the hostage.

Secure the Hostage

Once you have neutralized all enemies on the third floor, untie the JTF hostage on the tabletop in the center.

Find the Other Hostages

Continue up the staircase to reach the fifth floor. Follow the red carpeting through the hall and enter the reception area through the door on the left. Activate the ECHO on the floor and analyze the reconstructed scene. Investigate various portions of the ECHO to understand the events that took place. When finished with the ECHO, continue through the back hallway to reach an elevator. Make sure to resupply at the Restock crate along the way.

Secure the Roof

The elevator will bring you to the event center rooftop, where another JTF hostage is being held. Eliminate all hostiles on the roof to secure the area. Watch out for an elite sniper on the left who will take you down with a single shot.

Secure Sergeant Ramos

Once all hostiles are eliminated, locate Sergeant Ramos on the far side of the rooftop. Untie Ramos to free him from his bonds. Be sure to loot the area before proceeding. There is a loot chest in the corner near the elevator where you arrived, and it may have something valuable inside.

Take Out Larae’s Lieutenant

After freeing Sergeant Ramos, another wave of Rikers will show up on the roof, along with Larae’s elite Lieutenant. Focus on taking out the other hostiles first before dealing with the Lieutenant. Use heavy weapons and grenades to reduce the Lieutenant’s armor protections for an easier takedown.

Open the Door for JTF Backup

Sergeant Ramos has called for backup reinforcements, but you will need to open the basement door to let them into the event center. Head back to the elevator, and push the button to ride down to the basement level.

There is a Restock crate just ahead of the elevator once you reach the basement level. As you proceed through the basement, you’ll encounter more Rikers in the room ahead. Defeat the enemies, then follow the objective marker to locate the security control room. Use the keyboard to open the door for the JTF. Be sure to loot the chest in the back of the security room before you proceed.

Support the JTF Soldiers

Go back upstairs to the Main Hall to help support the JTF Soldiers in fending off the Rikers. Remember to hit up the Restock crate in advance to make sure you’re prepared for the fight ahead.

Secure the Main Hall

The Main Hall will have several heavily armored elites strewn about. Get behind cover, and proceed to eliminate the hostile Rikers. If you are with other team members, try to communicate with your team to focus your efforts on one individual at a time, in order to efficiently neutralize each elite.

Take Down Larae Barrett

Once you have eliminated the first set of Rikers in the main hall, you’ll need to take out their leader, Larae Barrett. Larae will be posted high up on the balcony overlooking the Main Hall. More hostiles will arrive, so take them out quickly. Larae will eventually move down to the lower level of the hall. Stay along the upper balconies to maintain a height advantage on Larae while ambushing her position.

Neutralize the Remaining Rikers

Once the leader of the Rikers has been neutralized, finish off any remaining Rikers throughout the main hall to complete the mission. Remember to search the area for valuable loot before leaving the event center.

Upon completing the Lexington Event Center story mission, you will receive Security Wing Supplies that are used for upgrading your Base of Operations and unlocking new skills, talents, and perks. Fast travel back to your base to enhance the Security Wing and reap your rewards. For more story missions, tips, and features, head over to our The Division Walkthrough and Guide.

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