The Division - Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

The Division - Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

Secure the checkpoint and retrieve the commander.

This walkthrough will show you how to complete the Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint story mission in The Division. For this mission, you must secure the tunnel checkpoint by clearing out the rioters, including an elite sniper named Finch, in order to retrieve Captain Roy Benitez. Completing this mission will bring the Security Wing of your Base of Operations back online.

To locate the Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, start at your Base of Operations and head west along 33rd street. Bring up your map and select the mission to create a waypoint to follow. If you encounter several street signs that say “Tunnel Closed”, you’re heading in the right direction.

Reach the Security Center

Enter the Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint and continue up the street. There will be a handful of rioters patrolling between cars. Eliminate all hostiles, using the vehicles as cover. Watch out for a sniper positioned high up on the scaffolding along the overpass. Clear the ground level of hostiles first, then focus on taking out the sniper.

Secure the Tunnel Entrance

Pass beneath the overpass to reach the tunnel checkpoint. Prepare to battle another group of hostile rioters in this area. Crouch to take cover behind cars, and patiently take down each enemy. Several rioters will be positioned on an upper walkway overlooking the checkpoint tolls. If you have a weapon with a scope, now is a good time to use it.

Neutralize the snipers, then climb the ladder on the right for a great vantage point.

The upper walkway on the right actually provides a great vantage point for you to use. Eliminate all hostiles on the upper walkway, then climb the ladder on the right to reach the upper level. As more hostile reinforcements arrive through the tunnel, fire at them from on high to pick them off one by one.

Reach the Floodgate

Once you have secured the tunnel checkpoint, proceed into the tunnel on the left. Vault over the barricade and continue toward the floodgate at the end of the tunnel.

Defend JTF While the Bomb is Disarmed

Neutralize a pair of rioters arming a bomb at the end of the tunnel. Prepare to fend off another wave of enemies as a JTF ally disarms the bomb. If you need to resupply your ammunition, you can do so at the Restock cache located just to the left of the bomb.

Several types of enemies will converge on your position as you defend the JTF agent, including an armored grenadier. Keep an eye on the green JTF health bar at the top of your HUD, and quickly eliminate the hostiles closest to the JTF agent to minimize harm done to the JTF during the disarm period.

Quickly eliminate the incoming rioters and protect the JTF during the disarm period.

Clear Out the Tunnel

Once the bomb has been successfully disarmed, clear out any remaining hostiles inside the tunnel. Be sure to loot their bodies for additional weapons, medkits, or ammo before continuing onto the next objective.

Talk to Roy Benitez

Proceed through the passage to the right and locate Captain Roy Benitez. He is found upstairs near the security room. Approach the Captain to receive your next orders.

Protect Roy Benitez and Survive the Assault

A horde of unwelcome hostile rioters will suddenly arrive at the door of the security room. Eliminate all hostile threats in order to protect Captain Benitez and yourself from the incoming assault. Use your Pulse ability to mark enemies within range. This will help you keep track of enemy movements, allowing you to take cover accordingly.

Head outside to the tunnel checkpoint once again, and take down any rioters you encounter. Look out for a pair of snipers positioned on the roof of the toll booths. Stay in cover, and eliminate each foe.

Take Out the Leader

At the far end of the checkpoint, there will be an Elite sniper named Finch positioned on the rooftop of a semi-truck. Another armored grenadier will also be among the hostiles on the ground level. Try to eliminate the grenadier and other rioters first before attempting to take down the sniper leader.

Be patient. Fire at Finch as he is reloading to suppress the elite sniper.

An elite sniper like Finch can take down your entire health bar in one shot. Finch also has a layer of armor that you must destroy first before you can do any real damage to him. When Finch is the last remaining enemy, take cover behind a vehicle close to his position. Wait for Finch to take a few shots at you, then quickly fire at him as soon as he pauses to reload.

Try to shoot at any exposed part of Finch’s body that may be sticking out from behind cover. If you get in a few extra shots, you may be able to suppress Finch long enough to dwindle down his armor. Be patient, and continue to fire a few shots at Finch during his reloads until he is eventually eliminated.

Once Finch has been neutralized, the mission will conclude. Open your map and fast travel back to your Base of Operations. At the base, speak with Roy Benitez to activate the Security Wing and earn some new upgrades. Head over to The Division Walkthrough and Guide for more story mission walkthroughs and collectible guides.

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