The Division - Madison Field Hospital

The Division - Madison Field Hospital

Rescue Dr. Kandel and secure the roof.

This walkthrough will help players to complete the Madison Field Hospital mission in The Division, rescuing Dr. Kandel and defeating Hutch. This is an essential mission if you want to get the Medical Wing of your Base of Operations back online.

Madison Square Garden, the mission start point, is located across the street from your Base of Operations. We still recommend that you bring up your map and set a waypoint on the mission, letting you know where you can enter and begin to complete your objectives.

Secure the Lobby

Once you’re inside, start moving from cover to cover in order to avoid getting ambushed by the rioters in the lobby. As you move up, you should see them slowly making their way down a couple of escalators in the distance. We threw a grenade to kick things off, but in hindsight we would have just used our primary weapon. The grenades will definitely come in handy when you meet Hutch later on.

Patch Faye into the Security System

After clearing out the two waves of bad guys, loot whatever you can and then head up the escalator. There shouldn’t be any opposition at this point, so feel free to sprint to the second level and into the office. You should have an objective marker on the keyboard, and interacting with it will complete your current task.

Rescue Dr. Kandel

Move forward until you’re on the main floor of Madison Square Garden. You should also see and hear some enemies up ahead. There are quite a few of them, but we still suggest that you clear this area using only your primary weapon, since your grenades are still going to be more useful a few minutes down the line. Just stay in cover, popping out and killing anyone who presents themselves as a good target. After two or three waves, you should have cleared out the main floor and opened up your path forward.

Keep on keeping on until you reach a lounge with a few bad guys, as well as Dr. Kandel. You can take out all of the threats from a distance, moving up only after you are sure that the area is clear. Again, save your grenades. Once the last threat is dead, your objective is complete.

Protect Dr. Kandel

As soon as you complete the previous objective, this one pops up, and you’ll notice that Dr. Kandel now has a health bar. You have to protect her, which should be simple enough given that you are between her and the attackers. Just use the same formula that you have been, and the one you’ll use throughout the entirety of the game – stay in cover and murder the enemy.

Secure the Roof

After the final rioter is down, follow your objective markers to get to the roof. There are quite a few foes to deal with up there, including Hutch, a person that appears to be the main boss fight of this mission. Stay in cover and take out all of the lower level rioters, timing your shots so that they are between Hutch’s reloads. If he is firing on you, cover is about the only way that you can survive. You’ll also want to keep a close eye on your health, popping a Medkit using the right d-pad button (console players) if it gets too low.

When it’s just you and Hutch, this is where you want to use your grenades. He’ll take cover and fire in very long bursts. Allow him to expend his magazine, and then drop grenades on his head when he tries to reload. If you want to get close to Hutch, you’ll also want to ensure that you’re doing this only when he is reloading. We actually managed to kill him by using burst fire to his exposed head when he took a break from firing. Just be patient and don’t panic. He’s not too bad to deal with if you take your time.

When Hutch is down, as well as all of his pals, the mission will complete. You can follow your way points back to the Base of Operations, but only after you spend some time looting whatever goodies your foes have left behind.

To continue your journey, had back to USgamer's The Division Walkthrough and Guide. You can work on the story, or focus on collecting all the Intel. The choice is yours.

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