The Division - Napalm Production Site, Defeat Joe Ferro

The Division - Napalm Production Site, Defeat Joe Ferro

Shut down the napalm operation.

This walkthrough will help players complete the Napalm Production Site story mission in The Division. We will show you how to shut down the napalm production program and defeat Joe Ferro. Completing this story mission rewards players with additional XP and security supplies for the Base of Operations.

A napalm production facility has been located at the Cleaner’s headquarters. This mission tasks you with shutting down their napalm production site and eliminating the Cleaner leader, Joe Ferro. Successfully completing this mission will reward you with security supplies that can be used to upgrade the Security Wing of your Base of Operations, allowing new skills and perks to become available.

Take Down the Cleaner Napalm Production

This mission begins at a construction site to the southeast of the Base of Operations. Open the map and select the Napalm Production Site mission to create a waypoint for you to follow.

Destroy the Napalm Tank, Secure the Area

Follow the path leading down to the construction site. When you reach the perimeter of the construction site, you’ll see several Cleaners gathered near a napalm tank in the center. Shoot the napalm tank to destroy it, and eliminate the remaining hostiles to secure the area.

Locate the Other Napalm Tanks (5)

Pass through the initial staging area, and head up the back staircase. Follow the objective markers to reach the center of production. When you reach the primary production are of the construction site, locate and destroy five napalm tanks positioned throughout the area. Eliminate all incoming enemies to secure the area. Stay covered along the upper scaffolding to maintain a height advantage on the hostiles below.

Reach the Fueling Depot

Continue forward to reach the Fueling Depot. Ascend the stairs to the upper level, and resupply at the Restock crate near the top of the stairs. Follow the glowing string of light toward a generator, to the right of a No Entry sign. Activate the generator to open the fence gate.

Secure the Area

Prepare to face another set of Cleaners in the next area. Watch out for the sniper posted up on the scaffolding at the far end. The sniper can nearly take you out in one shot, so don’t leave yourself exposed. Stay in cover, and focus on neutralizing the other enemies first.

Take a few shots at the side of the sniper while he is reloading behind cover. If you have other team members along for this mission, try to coordinate your shots together to injure the sniper from different angles. Eliminate all hostiles to secure the area.

Power Up the Generator

Proceed toward the cranes near the sniper post. If you are running low on ammo, there is a Restock crate on a forklift beside one of the cranes. Head into a room on the left, and go downstairs to find a container with some valuable loot.

Locate a shipping container to the right of the metal staircase where the sniper was posted. Inside the shipping container is a power generator. Turn on the generator.

Start the Detonation Sequence

Go up the small stairs beside the tank, near the Restock crate. Interact with the case to initiate the detonation sequence, then look for a place to take cover and defend the detonator.

Defend the Detonator

With the detonator activated, your task is to defend the detonator from incoming hostiles. Head up the metal staircase on the right and take cover on the walkway. This area provides a great vantage point overlooking the area, allowing you to pick of enemies from a distance. If you have grenades or a weapon with a scope, now is a good time to use them. Hold off the enemies until the timer runs down.

Destroy the Remaining Napalm Tanks

Follow the objective waypoint and enter the building. Near the entrance, collect the ECHO reading on the ground along the tarps. Continue up the stairs, and eliminate any hostiles you encounter along the way. There are five more napalm tanks that need to be destroyed. Follow the objective markers to locate each one.

Reach the Watch Tower

Once the remaining napalm tanks have been destroyed, continue up the stairs to reach the rooftop, where the watch tower is located.

Secure the Area

Another wave of Cleaners will meet you on the rooftop. Take cover and eliminate all hostiles to secure the area.

Find Joe Ferro

Joe Ferro can be heard on the intercom throughout the mission. Now that you’ve neutralized most of his Cleaner minions, you’ll need to track down Joe himself to put an end to the napalm operation. Enter the building, and Restock at the crate near the front. Enter an elevator, and push the button to head to the next floor.

Defeat Joe’s Guards

Follow the string of lights toward the escalators in the main lobby. Prepare to take on more Cleaner thugs as you enter this area. Use the short wall as cover, and eliminate the hostiles on both upper and lower floors. Watch out for the machine turret that will assault you from across the gap.

Defeat Joe Ferro

Once you have eliminated all of Joe’s helpers, it’s time to take on Joe Ferro. Joe is an elite enemy, who will come equipped with a heavily armored suit and massive flamethrower. Lure him around the walkway, keeping your distance to avoid the flames. Stick him with grenades, and try to deal as much damage as possible from a distance.

Escape the Building

With Joe Ferro eliminated, you must rush to the elevator to escape the crumbling building. Follow the objective marker down the stairs to reach the elevator. Once you exit the elevator, the mission will conclude.

Fast travel back to your Base of Operations to upgrade the Security Wing with your newly earned supplies. Head over to our The Division Walkthrough and Guide for more story missions and features.

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