The Division - Police Academy, Defeat Scarecrow

The Division - Police Academy, Defeat Scarecrow

Search the police academy for the transponder signal.

This walkthrough will show players how to complete the Police Academy story mission in The Division. Completing this mission rewards players with additional XP, as well as Tech Wing Supplies to be used at the Base of Operations. Follow our steps to locate the transponder beacon and search the academy for evidence.

The Police Academy mission pertains to the Tech Wing of the Base of Operations. Players who successfully complete this mission will be granted a hefty amount of XP that helps aid character progression for future missions.

This mission also rewards players with 500 Tech Wing Supplies, which can be used to unlock new upgrades for the Base of Operations. Upgrading the three Wings of the base allows new talents, skills, and perks to become available.

Start by opening the map and selecting the Police Academy mission from the story mission list. Place a waypoint on the mission to create a marker for you to follow. Make sure you are at or near the recommended mission level in order to ensure you are prepared for the objectives ahead.

Find the Distress Signal Location

A distress signal is being emitted from within the Police Academy. The signal is thought to be coming from a transponder that belonged to a first wave Division agent. Head to the Police Academy to investigate the situation.

When you arrive at the Police Academy building, enter through the parking garage doorway leading down underground. On the floor of the garage, you’ll find the transponder. Investigate the item, then prepare for incoming hostiles.

Secure the Parking Garage

Once you investigate the transponder, several enemies will converge on your location. Take cover behind the garage pillars, and neutralize each hostile until the garage is secure.

Investigate the Police Academy

Search the nearby rooms within the parking garage for loot containers. Then, ride an elevator to the upper floor of the Police Academy. The lobby area will have several hostiles grouped near the end of the hall. Eliminate the hostile threats to secure the floor, then continue searching the area for evidence.

Be on the lookout for more hostiles scattered throughout the various hallways. If you have it equipped, use the Pulse to scan your surroundings to keep tabs on enemy movements. There are plenty of places to take cover, so as long as you are an adequate level, you should be able to handle enemies accordingly.

Behind the front desk, there is a locked door to a room that contains some valuable loot. You’ll need to pick the lock to unlock the door, but it’s worth the extra effort.

Defeat the Attackers

Use the elevator to go up to the next floor. Locate the Infirmary, and loot the red backpack on the floor. There is a fairly large group of enemies in the office adjacent to the Infirmary. Defeat the attackers and proceed to the next objective.

Investigate the Police Academy

Continue searching the academy for evidence. Follow the magnifying glass marker on your screen if you need additional guidance. There is a Restock crate in one of the nearby rooms, so be sure to resupply your ammo before the next encounter.

Analyze the ECHO

As you approach the upper walkway above the lobby, you’ll pick up on an ECHO transmission nearby. Locate the ECHO in the center of the basketball court, and activate the ECHO to analyze the reconstructed event.

Access the Security System

Head to the security room down the hall. Interact with the Keypad to activate the surveillance system and download the security data. Afterward, the area will become a no respawn zone, so prepare to fend off whatever is coming.

Neutralize the Ambushing LMB

In the next room, several hostiles will ambush your position. Take cover behind the desk, and neutralize all incoming enemies as they approach the double doors. Note the sniper posted on an upper ledge outside the door. Eliminate the other hostiles, and finish off he sniper last.

Take Down the Rogue Agent

Once you neutralize the first set of hostiles outside, another wave of enemies will appear along with an elite rogue agent named Scarecrow. This agent has immaculate aim, and will hit you within seconds of popping up from cover. Scarecrow and his crew can also deploy turrets, and can hack your own. If you have any grenades, lob a few at Scarecrow to deal additional damage without having to come up from cover for very long.

Eliminating Scarecrow takes a lot of patience and decent aim. Fire at Scarecrow whenever he pauses to reload, and aim for any part of Scarecrow’s body that may be exposed while in cover. Once you have successfully neutralized Scarecrow, the Police Academy mission concludes.

Fast travel back to your Base of Operations and spend your newly earned Tech Supplies to unlock new aspects of the Tech Wing. This will also allow new perks, skills, and talents to become available. For more story missions, head over to The Division Walkthrough and Guide.

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