The Division - Precinct Siege

The Division - Precinct Siege

Rescue hostages and secure the precinct.

This walkthrough will help players complete the Precinct Siege story mission in The Division. For this mission, you must free the hostages being held at the police precinct by neutralizing the hostile rioters. As the first story mission in The Division, Precinct Siege offers the first real opportunity to earn XP to level up your character.

To begin the Precinct Siege story mission, start by heading west of the Plymouth Rock Safe House. Bring up your map and select the mission to set a waypoint if you need help finding the location.

Secure the Parking Lot

The Precinct Siege mission begins on the outer edge of the police station parking lot. Enter the fence to the parking lot, and immediately take cover. When you arrive, several armed hostiles will converge on your position. Begin eliminating enemies as they arrive, using the police cars as cover.

Watch out for enemies who will lob grenades from the precinct rooftop.

Keep an eye out for hostiles on the rooftop who are looking over the area. These enemies will toss grenades at you, so try to take them out first. If you see a red grenade ring appear around your location, quickly dodge out of the way to avoid the explosion.

Reach the Parking Garage

After eliminating all hostiles in the parking lot, continue through the fence on the right to head toward the Parking Garage. Be sure to loot the medical backpack near the fence gate before you proceed.

More hostile threats will be positioned along the side of the building, and they’re standing between you and the parking garage. Take them out. Use your environment to your advantage by shooting the red gas canisters near the enemies to injure them with a fiery explosion. Once all hostiles are eliminated, be sure to loot their bodies before proceeding toward the parking garage.

Shoot the red gas canisters when enemies are nearby to deal additonal explosive damage.

Secure the Parking Garage

Enter the Parking Garage, located on the far end of the police station to the left. There will be several enemies positioned behind pillars and desks when you arrive. Keep in cover and plan your attack accordingly. Once you have eliminated several hostiles, another wave of enemy reinforcements will arrive. You should be able to gun down these guys pretty easily, so preserve your grenades for later.

Find the Hostages

Proceed into the police precinct to locate the hostages. Head up the staircase through the doorway on the right, and open the large double doors leading to the Locker Room. Enter the Public Waiting Hall, and approach cautiously, keeping covered behind walls and pillars.

The hostiles are found locked in a cell within the Holding area. Eliminate the nearby enemies, and use the keyboard in the office to release the hostages from the holding cell.

Use the office computer to free the hostages from the holding cell.

Sweep the Upper Floors

Go upstairs and eliminate all hostile rioters on the upper floors. Scan the area with your Pulse if you have it available, in order to get an idea of how many hostiles are in the rooms ahead. Most of the enemies will be behind desks and pillars, so keep covered until you are ready to strike. Try to take out any bat-wielding melee enemies first, as they will rush toward your position once you make your move.

Neutralize the Leader of the Rioters

Once you clear out the upper floor, pass through the office area toward a staircase at the back. Resupply your ammo at the Restock crate, then head up to the rooftop.

Take out the first few hostiles standing nearby, and prepare for another wave of enemy reinforcements. Your goal is to eliminate a man named Ripper, who is the leader of the rioters. Ripper will have increased armor protections on his health bar, making him a bit harder to take down. Eliminate the other enemy rioters first, so that you can focus your attention on Ripper afterward. Be sure to shoot the red gas canisters when enemies are nearby to increase the damage dealt to your foes.

Climb Down the Building

Once you have neutralized Ripper and cleared the area of hostile forces, walk to the far side of the rooftop toward the bridge in the distance to rappel down the side of the precinct building. Once you climb down, the Precinct Siege mission will conclude.

To continue to the next story mission, head over to USGamer’s The Division Walkthrough and Guide. If you’re looking for Intel and other collectibles, we’ve got you covered as well.

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