The Division - Queens Tunnel Camp, Defeat Sgt. King

The Division - Queens Tunnel Camp, Defeat Sgt. King

Destroy the communication hub.

This walkthrough will show you how to complete the Queens Tunnel Camp story mission in The Division. Upon successful completion of this mission, you will receive additional XP and Security Wing Supplies to upgrade your Base of Operations and enhance your character.

Your task is to infiltrate the Queens Tunnel construction site and eliminate the communications hub found here. The closest Safe House to this mission is The Grindhouse. If you need guidance, bring up the map and select the Queens Tunnel Camp story mission within the Mission Overview tab to place a waypoint marker for you to follow.

This mission is a part of the Security Wing, and thus will reward you with additional Security Wing Supplies upon completion. Upgrade the Security Wing to unlock new skills, talents, and perks for your character to better prepare you for future missions.

Approach LMB Outpost

Approach the entry gate to the outpost. Several hostiles will be stationed in this front area. Eliminate any hostiles you encounter, and watch out for turret fire.

Hack the Automated Turret

Once you’ve dealt with the enemies at the front of the outpost, you’ll need to hack that pesky turret. Move between cover to approach the turret platform. Move around to the back of the platform and interact with the panel to shut off the turret.

Secure the Area

Proceed further into the camp, and prepare to eliminate more hostiles. Watch out for another turret on the right side. Move between cover to reach the turret and shut it off as you did previously. If you are playing with a team, have one person distract the turret. This allows another team member to move in and hack the turret without taking damage. Neutralize all hostiles to secure the area, then continue to the next objective.

Disable the Communication Systems

Proceed through the tunnel, and enter a door on the right. Continue up the stairs to reach the roof, where you will encounter more trained LMB soldiers. Take cover and eliminate the hostile threats.

Note the platform near the roof entrance that is accessible by ladder. This platform provides cover and a height advantage over the enemies. Keep an eye out for a sniper on the adjacent rooftop who will fire at you from above. Attempt to neutralize the sniper before dealing with the remaining hostiles.

Once you’ve secured the rooftop, follow the objective marker to locate a ladder leading to the roof where the sniper was positioned. Use the console in the corner beneath the tarp to access and disable the communication systems. Be sure to resupply your ammo at the Restock crate next to the console before you proceed.

Locate the System Server

Climb back down the ladder, then locate a broken section of wall beside the crashed semi-truck. Use the rope to rappel down the side of the building and return to the ground level. Follow the objective marker through the alleyway, and eliminate any hostiles you encounter. Carefully move between cover to approach the turret on the right side of the alley. Hack the turret to clear the path.

Proceed through the tunnel. Search for a locked door along the tunnel wall, and pick the lock. There is a loot chest inside that you don’t want to miss. Snag the goods in the lockers, then continue through the tunnel.

Follow the objective marker through a pair of yellow doors. Be sure to check the side room for another locked door with precious loot on the other side. Then, proceed through the passage and locate a panel beside a large hole in the wall. Interact with the panel to turn off the turret nearby. Enter the office, and prepare to face an elite soldier and a handful of hostiles in the next room. Watch out for cover fire from the turrets stationed throughout the office.

Once the hostiles have been neutralized, search the area for medkits and other valuable loot before proceeding. If you need ammo, there is a Restock crate inside the office you entered through. Follow the marker to the computers on a desk in the corner, and use the keyboard to access the system server.

Neutralize the LMB Guarding the Ammunition Stockpile

Next, Captain Benitez wants you to secure the weapons cache. Head up the escalator, and proceed up the stairs to reach the rooftop. Eliminate the hostile LMB soldiers guarding the stockpile on the roof.

Start JTF Assault

Once you have neutralized the LMB soldiers, locate a laptop nearby and use it to call for backup JTF reinforcements.

Maintain Control Until the JTF Arrive

Fend off the incoming hostile forces while you wait for JTF reinforcements to arrive. There is a Restock crate beside a display of rifles just beyond the laptop desk. This is a no respawn zone, so be sure to check your ammo supply and find decent cover before using the laptop.

You must defend the area for about three minutes. Search for higher ground to have an advantage over the LMB forces. There are several ladders nearby that lead to an upper walkway that provides good cover and a height advantage.

Prepare to face an elite LMB soldier named Sgt. King, who wields a high powered sniper rifle and moves quickly between cover. Watch your flanks, as enemies will approach you from behind or through stairwells on the side. Survive the assault and defend against the enemy forces for the allotted time to complete the objective.

Neutralize the Remaining LMB

If there are any hostile LMB soldiers remaining after the timer runs down, neutralize them accordingly. Once you have eliminated all remaining enemies, the mission will conclude. For successfully completing this mission you will receive additional XP and Security Wing Supplies, as well as a new weapon.

Fast travel back to your Base of Operations to upgrade the Security Wing and obtain new talents, skills, and perks for your character. To continue with the next story mission, head over to our The Division Walkthrough and Guide. If you’re looking for phone recordings, ECHOs, and other collectibles, we’ve got you covered.

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