The Division - Recalibration Guide

The Division - Recalibration Guide

Re-roll gear stats for better bonus attributes.

This guide will explain how to use the Recalibration Station to equip better bonus attributes for your gear in The Division. Access to the Recalibration Station requires upgrading the Tech Wing of the Base of Operations, which can be done relatively early in the game.

Recalibration allows you to equip better stats on your armor and gear by re-rolling for new bonus attributes. To use the Recalibration Station, you must first upgrade the Tech Wing upstairs in the Base of Operations. Complete the story missions marked with the yellow Tech icon to earn additional Tech Wing Supplies. Return to your Base of Operations regularly to spend the supplies earned during missions. Upgrading the three wings of your base allows new perks, skills, and talent rewards to become available.

Once you have earned 200 Tech Wing Supplies, head upstairs in your base and use the Tech Wing laptop. Select the Recalibration upgrade to unlock the Stat Switch Perk. This perk grants access to the Recalibration Station, located upstairs near the Tech Wing laptop.

How to Use the Recalibration Station

The Recalibration Station lets you re-roll the stats on your current gear for better bonus attributes, at the cost of in-game Credits. Note that recalibration can only be done to armor and gear, not weapons. Better quality gear will cost more currency to recalibrate, and High-End gear requires Phoenix Credits for recalibration.

Access the recalibration menu at the Recalibration Station. Select a category to locate a particular gear item, or simply scroll through the list of gear in your current inventory to find a gear item to recalibrate.

Choose a gear item that you plan to have equipped, and decide whether its bonus attributes should be modified to better suit your play style. For example, if your gear has a Ballistic Shield bonus, but you tend not to use the Ballistic Shield, you may want to re-roll this attribute for a more useful stat.

With a gear item selected, scroll over its bonus attributes and select the stat you wish to recalibrate. A list of possible recalibrations will appear as a list on the right side of the menu. This tells you all of the possible bonuses and percentage stats that could replace the currently selected attribute on your gear item.

Before making your decision, note the Recalibration Cost in the lower left corner and determine if the stat swap is worth the risk. Keep in mind that Phoenix Credits are required for recalibrating High-End gear earned at max level. If you like your odds, then press and hold Roll Attribute to recalibrate for a new bonus.

Once the re-roll is complete, a new list of bonus attributes will be available for the gear item, including the previous bonus. Select a new bonus stat from the list to replace the attribute on your gear item. Note that after the re-roll, the recalibration cost still applies, regardless of whether or not you chose to keep the same bonus stat.

Only one bonus attribute can be recalibrated on each piece of gear. Once your gear item has been recalibrated, only the modified attribute can be recalibrated again, but at a higher cost. Take the time to decide which bonus attributes work best for you before making these stat modifications.

If you are close to reaching a new level, you may want to hold off on recalibration in case you loot a higher level gear item at your next promotion. You will want to recalibrate items that you plan to have equipped for a while in order to benefit from the bonus attributes on that gear.

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