The Division - Rooftop Comm Relay, Defeat Glass

The Division - Rooftop Comm Relay, Defeat Glass

Find the engineer and fix communications.

For this walkthrough, we will show you how to complete the Rooftop Comm Relay story mission in The Division. This mission contributes to the Tech Wing section of the Base of Operations, meaning you will receive Tech Wing Supplies and additional XP upon successfully completing the mission.

The JTF has lost contact with a group of engineers sent to fix a communications relay. Rikers have taken control of the location, and the engineers need help. Completing this mission will grant additional XP and tech supplies that are used for upgrading the Tech Wing of your Base of Operations. More skills, talents, and perks become available as you bring new aspects of each Wing back online.

This mission is located on the East side of the map near Kips Bay. The Southpaw Safe House is the closest safe house to the mission start area. Fast travel to the Southpaw Safe House, then bring up your map to select the Rooftop Comm Relay mission within the Mission Overview tab to create a waypoint on your screen.

Reach the Rooftop

Once you reach the mission start location, you must make your way to the rooftop of the comms building. Near the start, search an alleyway to the right to collect a Phone Recording before continuing with the mission.

Eliminate the hostile threats on the ground level, then enter a fence doorway to the scaffolding along the side of the building. Head up several sets of stairs to reach the rooftop. There will be a Restock crate for you to resupply ammo along the way.

Reach the Antenna

Once you reach the rooftop, another wave of Rikers will attempt to take you out. Stay in cover, and eliminate the hostiles. Climb the ladder to the upper roof, and be sure to open the crate near the couches for extra loot.

The antenna is located on a rooftop several buildings away. You will need to traverse across the rooftops to reach the antenna, eliminating enemies as you go. Several hostiles will be guarding the adjacent rooftop, including an elite enemy. Deal as much damage as you can from a distance before climbing onto the metal walkway to reach the second rooftop. Clear the rooftop, and resupply your ammo at the Restock crate before proceeding.

Rappel down the ropes on the far end of the rooftop. Cross over the shipping containers to reach the next building. Prepare to neutralize another set of hostiles as you make your way toward the antenna. Follow your objective marker to reach the antenna location.

Secure the Antenna

Once you reach the antenna, clear out all hostile threats to secure the antenna. There are a few chests nearby, so be sure to sweep the area for loot between objectives.

Free the JTF Engineer

Locate and free the JTF engineer who was being held hostage on the roof. He’s a bit shaken, but he’ll get the job done as long as you stay to help.

Protect the JTF Engineer While He Fixes the Antenna

More hostile threats will be inbound to your location as the JTF soldier begins patching the antenna. Hunker down behind cover, and prepare to fend off any Rikers that approach the antenna. Luckily, the antenna is on top of a platform that provides a decent view overlooking the rooftop.

Have team members covering both sides of this platform, so that you have eyes looking in all directions. Pay attention to the JTF engineer’s health bar at the top of the HUD to ensure he’s not taking too much damage.

As you defend the JTF engineer, an elite Riker named Glass will arrive, along with more hostile reinforcements. Stay in cover and deploy a turret to keep Glass suppressed. Coordinate with your teammates to lob grenades and fire at Glass together. Once Glass’ defenses are down, you should be able to neutralize the hostile rather easily. Be sure to loot the body when finished.

Interact with the Antenna

When the JTF engineer has finished his work and all hostiles have been eliminated, return to the antenna. Interact with the antenna panel and reactivate the Comm Relay to conclude the mission.

Return to your Base of Operations to spend your new tech supplies on upgrades for the Tech Wing. This will unlock new perks and talents to enhance your character. Head over to The Division Walkthrough and Guide to continue onto the next story mission, or to discover other collectibles and features.

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