The Division - Russian Consulate, Defeat Hornet

The Division - Russian Consulate, Defeat Hornet

Extract the virologist for questioning.

This walkthrough will show players how to complete the Russian Consulate story mission in The Division. This mission is done on behalf of the Medical Wing, and thus rewards you with additional Medical Wing Supplies upon completion. Follow our steps to extract the virologist Vitaly Tchernenko and bring him back for questioning.

This story mission begins on the east side of the map, in the Murray Hill district. Your task is to locate and extract an immunologist named Vitaly Tchernenko from the Russian Consulate, and bring him back for questioning. Bring up your map and select the Russian Consulate mission to place a waypoint at the starting location.

Investigate the Russian Consulate

Enter the Russian Consulate, and turn left through the metal detectors. When the detector alarm goes off, it alerts several nearby hostiles to your position. Prepare to fend them off.

Eliminate the LMB

Several LMB soldiers will attack you in the lobby of the Consulate. Use the desks as cover and try to maintain your distance. After eliminating the first group of hostiles, another wave of LMB will arrive. Pay attention to the staircase as this is likely the direction they will come from.

Investigate the Russian Consulate

Continue up the staircase to the next floor of the Consulate, eliminating hostiles along the way. Be sure to check for loot in dressers and crates throughout the hallways. Locate the ammo Restock crate just before the elevators if you need a resupply.

Eliminate the LMB

There are more hostiles on the upper floor, just past the elevator. Use the desks and pillars as cover while you eliminate each enemy. Look out for a hostile LMB with the medical cross symbol, and neutralize the medic before they can heal their fellow soldiers.

Investigate the Russian Consulate

Continue searching the floors of the Consulate. Keep an eye out for elevators, as there is usually a Restock crate nearby. Eliminate any hostiles you encounter as you continue investigating each floor.

Locate the Virologist’s Notes

Head upstairs to reach an office area with various cubicles. Search the file cabinets and desks to scavenge useful loot, then proceed to the server room.

Secure the Server Room

Your hunt for the notes is temporarily put on hold, as you must first eliminate the hostiles in the server room. Neutralize the pair near the central computer, then prepare for more hostile LMB to arrive near the ladder on the side. Keep in mind that you can climb the ladder to reach the upper walkway and take out enemy LMB from above.

Access the Virologist’s Data

With the hostiles taken care of, you can now access the computer they were using in the center of the server room. Use the keyboard to access the network, and wait for Dr. Kandel to review the data.

Neutralize the LMB

Another set of enemies will converge on your position, including at least one elite soldier who has additional protections. Remember to take out any hostile medics first so that they cannot heal or revive their allies. Use the servers as cover and neutralize the hostile LMB accordingly.

Open the Security Door

Once you have neutralized the remaining LMB, locate the door in the corner of the server room, northeast of the main computer. Use the keypad to open the door, and proceed through the offices. There is a Restock crate just beyond the door if you need a resupply. Be sure to loot the file cabinets for any useful items along the way.

Locate the laptop in the adjacent office room. Use the laptop to access the security system to unlock the security door, then continue through the next hallway.

Investigate the Russian Consulate

Continue searching the Consulate for evidence of Tchernenko. Enemies are still scattered throughout the building, so be prepared to fight as you enter new rooms. Follow the objective marker into the hallway on the lower level, where you will find another Restock crate.

Investigate the Panic Room, Secure the Library

Head through the hallways and down the stairs until you reach the Library in a large rotunda. Eliminate all of the hostiles in the library. The virologist is holed up in a panic room behind one of the bookcases.

Talk to the Virologist

Follow the objective marker to approach the bookcase where Vitaly is hiding. Don’t worry, Dr. Kandel will do all the talking.

Hack the Panic Room

You need to find a way into the panic room. Locate a laptop on the desk ahead of the bookcase, and use the laptop to hack the panic room door.

Pursue the Virologist

Go through the bookcase to enter the panic room. Loot the crate on the left near the computers, then continue to pursue the virologist. Head through the hole in the wall and ascend the stairwell at the back of the panic room. There is a Restock crate along the way.

Defeat Hornet

Prepare to face another set of enemies as you reach the outdoors. As you approach the outer gates, a helicopter will depart, and an elite named Hornet will arrive along with several more enemies. These hostiles are not afraid to rush toward your position, so try to eliminate them quickly to prevent any unexpected close quarters combat. Neutralize the other hostile threats first, then turn your attention to Hornet.

Hornet is quick to lob grenades and other explosives in your direction, so try to maintain a safe distance while attempting to diminish Hornet’s armor. Note that the enemies can also hack your turrets, turning them hostile. Continue firing at Hornet to suppress the enemy, then have a team member damage Hornet from a different direction.

Examine Hornet’s Body

Once Hornet has been neutralized, approach Hornet’s body so that Dr. Kandel can analyze Hornet’s Shade technology. Afterward, the mission concludes. Don’t forget to loot any valuable weapons that may have dropped from Hornet.

From here, fast travel back to your Base of Operations to upgrade the Medical Wing. Upgrading the three wings of your base allows new skills and perks to become available. Head over to The Division Walkthrough and Guide for more story missions, collectibles, and strategy guides


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