The Division - Subway Morgue

The Division - Subway Morgue

Restore power to the downed generators.

This walkthrough will show you how to complete the Subway Morgue story mission in The Division. This mission involves restoring power to various relays throughout the subway, and locating missing engineer Paul Rhodes. Completing the Subway Morgue mission will bring the Tech Wing of the Base of Operations back online, allowing new skill upgrades and perks to become available.

The Subway Morgue mission begins at an underground location to the east of your Base of Operations. Bring up the map, and open the Mission Overview tab. Select the Subway Morgue mission to place a waypoint marker for you to follow if you need additional guidance.

Gain Entry to the Subway Morgue Site

Approach the underground subway tunnel to begin the first mission objective. The enemies you will face here are a bit different than enemies from previous story missions, as these foes each wield lethal flame throwers. Keep your distance from the flames, but also keep in mind that the gas canisters on their backs open up new possibilities. Shoot to ignite the gas canister and eliminate each enemy in the most explosively satisfying way.

Eliminate the first set of enemies on the outer level. Before heading down the escalator, make sure to resupply your ammunition at a Restock crate within a fenced off segment nearby. Descend to the lower level, and eliminate all hostiles in the area. Proceed further into the facility until you reach a large tunnel leading deeper underground.

Reach the Relay Terminal

Continue through the tunnels until you discover a yellow power relay terminal in one of the rooms. You must restore power to this unit to proceed.

Activate the Power Relay

Interact with the lever on the left side of the relay terminal to activate the Power Relay. This will cause a large metal door to open in the back corner of the room.

Reach the Relay Substation

Proceed through the newly opened door and head down to the Relay Substation, just past another large tunnel staging area. Be sure to search in corners for backpacks and other loot worthy items.

Eliminate the Cleaners

As you enter the Relay Substation, you’ll be faced with yet another wave of flamethrower-wielding foes. Watch out for bombs thrown by one of the enemies on the upper left scaffolding. Eliminate the cleaners, and proceed up the metal staircase.

Activate the Power Relay

Once you have neutralized the cleaners, head upstairs to activate and restore power to a second relay terminal. Resupply at the Restock crate around the corner from the relay room entrance, then continue to the next location.

Reach the Secondary Substation

Pass through the room with flag covered caskets, following the waypoint along the metal scaffolding to a doorway on the opposite side. On the way to the next relay substation, prepare to face another set of fiery foes. Stay in cover, and eliminate each hostile to clear the area.

Reconnect the Circuit Breaker

Continue along the metal walkway, and locate a component container on the ground. Pick up the component box, and carry it to the third yellow relay nearby. Place the components into the relay terminal to activate the power.

Eliminate the Cleaners

Once power is restored to the third relay, prepare to fight more Cleaners that arrive on the walkway. Keep a good distance from these enemies, and pick off each one from behind cover until all hostiles have been eliminated.

Reach the Primary Substation and Eliminate the Cleaners

Proceed to the primary substation deep within the underground passages. This area will have yellow biohazard tarps strewn about. Another wave of Cleaners will converge on your position, so be ready to take them out. Eliminate the enemy forces encountered here, and continue toward the next objective.

Reconnect the Circuit Breaker

A new door will open to the relay substation on the far wall. Enter the room, and pick up another set of components. This time, the relay terminal for the components will be upstairs, quite far from where you found the component case. More enemies will close in on your position once you pick up the components, so be prepared to set down the case to fight off enemies and clear a path before you proceed.

Slowly make your way up the stairs until you reach the fourth power relay terminal. Place the components into the relay terminal to restore power to the unit. Be sure to resupply at the Restock crate in the corner before continuing on.

Reach the Control Room and Wait for Rhodes

Alright, you’re in the final stretch. Enter the door to the Control Room, and prepare for a fiery battle. Wait for Rhodes to make contact. If you are tackling this mission with a group of friends, it’s best to spread everyone out along the upper walkway during this brief waiting period. This will allow you to eliminate the incoming enemies much more efficiently, and will prevent a possible team wipe.

Neutralize the Cleaner Threat

Several waves of Cleaners will rush into the control room from different locations. Eliminating one set of cleaners causes another set to arrive. Try to maintain a height advantage by sticking to the upper walkway. If Cleaners come up the stairs to the walkway, you can kite enemies along the narrow scaffolding and eliminate them in smaller groups.

After you have neutralized several sets of Cleaners, a final group of enemies will arrive on the elevator, including an elite enemy named Benchley. Try to keep your distance from Benchley while taking down the other shielded hostiles. If you have grenades or other explosives, now is a good time to lob them toward these heavily armored enemies. Take out the other Cleaners first so that you can unleash a more focused assault on Benchley.

Enter the Elevator

Once all of the Cleaner threats have been neutralized, head downstairs and enter the elevator the cleaners arrived on. Ride the elevator back to the surface to complete the mission. From here, you can open your map and fast travel back to your Base of Operations.

Speak with Paul Rhodes in order to activate the Tech Wing and access new upgrades. Head over to our The Division Walkthrough and Guide to continue onto the next story mission, track down collectibles, or discover other unique game features.

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