The Division - Times Square Power Relay, Defeat Slingshot

The Division - Times Square Power Relay, Defeat Slingshot

Repair the faulty power transformer.

This walkthrough will show you how to complete the Times Square Power Relay story mission in The Division. Follow our steps to complete the mission and earn additional XP and Tech Wing Supplies for your Base of Operations.

There is a downed power relay in Times Square that must be repaired in order to prevent a full power grid collapse. Completing this mission will reward you with 500 Tech Wing Supplies, which are used for upgrading your Base of Operations. Earning supplies through missions allows you to unlock new skills, perks, and abilities for your character to help you perform better in the field.

Begin this mission by heading to Times Square off of Broadway street. If you need guidance, bring up your map and select the Times Square Power Relay mission to place a waypoint that you can follow to the starting location.

Enter Times Square Subway

Enter the building on the corner of 7th Avenue. Hop over the turnstiles, and head down the stairs to enter the Times Square Subway.

Neutralize the Rikers

As you enter the subway, you’ll encounter a group of hostile Rikers standing a short distance away. Take cover behind the support beams, and plan your attack accordingly. These enemies are a bit more skilled than the Rioters, so try to take a tactical approach when dealing with these foes.

Turn off the Power

Once you have cleared out the hostiles, search for a way to turn off the power. From the subway entrance, turn left around the corner and go forward along the station platform. Enter the door to the power control room at the far end of the platform on the left. Flip the switch on the power terminal to turn off the power.

Find the CCTV Footage

Exit the power control room, and locate another set of turnstiles across the tracks. Hop over the turnstiles and exit the subway using the staircase on the left. When you reach the top of the stairs, watch out for another group of Rikers standing in the street. Eliminate the hostiles, then follow the objective waypoint to the small police building beside the stairs. Interact with the laptop at the back of the police office to acquire the CCTV footage.

Secure the Area

Interacting with the police laptop causes another wave of enemies to arrive. Take cover in the police office, and carefully neutralize each hostile threat.

Locate a WarrenGate Van

Once you have eliminated the hostiles, search along the ground in the area ahead of the subway stairs to find a Restock crate. Loot the crate to resupply your ammo, then proceed to the next objective.

The next step is to locate a fuse box on a WarrenGate van. Continue up the street, neutralizing any hostiles you encounter along the way. The WarrenGate van is green and white, and will be parked near the wall of a building.

Re-plug the Fuse

Pick up the components on the ground beside the WarrenGate van, and carry them to the transformer. As you approach the transformer location, more enemies will emerge. When carrying the components, you only have your sidearm available for protection. When you spot incoming hostiles, set down the components to eliminate the threat before proceeding. Once you reach the transformer, plug in the components.

Defend the Area

After you re-plug the fuse, you will now be in a no respawn zone. Take cover, and prepare to defend the transformer from more incoming hostiles as the power boots up. If you need to resupply, there is a Restock crate a few steps away to the left of the transformer box.

While defending the area, keep watch for an elite enemy named Slingshot. When you see the gleam reflecting off the scope of his rifle, it means he’s got you in his sights. Stay in cover, use Slingshot’s reload times as opportunities to inflict some armor-piercing damage.

Once you have eliminated Slingshot and the remaining Rikers, the mission concludes. Fast travel back to your Base of Operations to unlock upgrades in the Tech Wing and obtain new skills and perks. Check out our comprehensive The Division Walkthrough and Guide for more story missions, tips, and features.

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