The Division Tips - The Dark Zone

The Division Tips - The Dark Zone

Learn why helping civilians pays.

Now that players have had a chance to get their hands on The Division, partaking in both PvP and PvE events, we’re starting to get an idea of what to expect from Ubisoft’s ambitious third-person shooter.

We’ve been wandering around New York for a few days now, and having gotten a taste for what The Division has to offer, we felt it was time to let you in on some of our best tips. We’ll talk about some basic best practices outside the Dark Zone, as well as what to expect when you decide to dabble in the PvP side of things. These tips may evolve as we spend more time playing and improve our own skills, so be sure to check back periodically to stay at the top of your game.

Lending a hand to civilians in need can score you some okay gear.

Help Civilians

Soon after you leave Camp Hudson and start making your way to your Base of Operations, you’ll bump into a civilian (or two) that need help. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to assist them if you can. These NPCs will frequently drop you some gear, allowing you to improve your agent with minimal effort.

This act of kindness isn’t without its risks, however. If the civilian needs a Medkit, you’ll have to decide if you have one to spare. Give away your last one and you might find yourself in a bad spot. You also have to consider the return you’re likely to get for your generosity. So far all the gear we’ve gotten was low level, and it remains to be seen if that will change as we level up ourselves.

Explore New York

Exploring accessible buildings can often yield some very big rewards.

Some of our best loot wasn’t found by completing a main mission, but rather heading out into the city and wandering around. You’ll run into random encounters, as well as side missions that you can quickly knock off. You’ll even find buildings that you can enter, and that’s a good indication that there are items of value to be found inside. As long as you aren’t hurting for the backpack space, take it all. Even if you don’t end up using it, you can sell it for the Credits back at your Base of Operations.

Mind Your Mini Map

This isn't youor mini map, but it's worth exploring avaialble missions to increse XP and Credit.

While you’re exploring the city, be sure to keep a close eye on your mini map. It’s here that you’ll be given information on some of the nearby loot that you can score, or even restock crates that you can use to top off your ammunition and Medkits. You can expect to find just about everything that you can interact with showing up there, but it often won’t appear until you are quite close to the item. That’s a little bit of a pain in your agent’s backside, but there’s not a lot that can be done about it. Just make a habit of checking it every few seconds, just as you would your blind spot.

Check Your Inventory

After picking up some loot, be sure to look at your inventory to compare your new items with whatever you have equipped now, especially early in the game. There’s a good chance that what you find will be significantly better than what you have equipped. If your new item is going to give you a big boost in your Armor, DPS, Stamina or Skill Power, it might be wise to equip it immediately. Just ensure that you are in a safe spot - we wouldn’t want you getting killed while you’re putting on some fancy new gloves, would we?

The Dark Zone

The biggest challenges and best gear can only be obtained by entering the Dark Zone, The Division’s PvP mode that will see you competing against other players. Dying in the Dark Zone might cost you some of your precious gear, so consider carefully what is worth taking and what you should leave back at your Stash. You’ll also want to enter the Dark Zone with some friends - the danger is too great for individual players to be walking about this area on their own.

We need to get back to New York and our quest for better loot. Apply these ideas to your game and you’ll soon see the results.

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