The Division - WarrenGate Power Plant, Defeat Keller

The Division - WarrenGate Power Plant, Defeat Keller

Secure the power plant from the intruders.

This walkthrough will show players how to complete the WarrenGate Power Plant story mission in The Division. Completing this mission will allow players to upgrade the Tech Wing section of their Base of Operations, unlocking new skills and perks.

The WarrenGate power plant has been overrun by Rikers. Your task is to neutralize the hostiles threatening the power supply and secure the power plant. Successfully completing this mission will reward you with additional tech supplies which can be used to bring new Tech Wing sections online within your Base of Operations. New perks and skills become available as you upgrade each wing of your base.

The WarrenGate Power Plant is located in the southeast corner of the map. Bring up the map and select this mission under the Mission Overview tab to place a waypoint at the starting location.

Secure the Area

As you approach the entrance to the WarrenGate Power Plant, prepare to take down a set of Rikers patrolling the area. Stay in cover and neutralize the hostiles. There is a sniper posted up high to the right of the entrance, so do your best to avoid their shots.

Enter the Power Plant

Once you have cleared out the hostiles at the front gate and looted the area, proceed to enter the power plant through the large double doors on the left.

Investigate the Power Plant

Enter the building, and begin searching the halls for items of interest. Follow the objective marker on the screen to navigate the halls. When you pass through the break room, locate a container in the corner and loot its contents before you proceed.

Continue until you reach the checkpoint at a set of large doors with a button on the right. Resupply your ammo at the Restock crate to the right, then push the button to open the doors.

Secure the Area

The doors open to a warehouse with various enemies throughout. Take cover before the doors open, and ambush the pair of hostiles standing straight ahead of the door. Continue toward the yellow pipes to the right and prepare to battle more foes.

There is a ladder to the right of the entrance to the next room leading to an upper walkway. Climb the ladder, and take out the gunman up top. Most of the hostiles are on the lower level, so stay on the upper walkway to maintain a height advantage over the remaining hostiles.

Locate the Explosives

Once you have eliminated the hostile threats and secure the area, follow the marker to the next objective. Locate a green office room with a button along the wall. Press the button to open a new set of doors ahead of the office window.

Proceed through the corridor, and find a good spot to take cover. A single elite enemy will arrive at the base of the stairs. Although he’s alone, he’s still very lethal. Keep your distance, and try to shoot at his backpack to detonate the explosives. If you have grenades, chuck a few in his direction to deal additional damage.

Once you have neutralized the elite foe, head up the stairs where the elite originally came from. There is a Restock crate on the right when you reach the top of the stairs. Continue until you reach a room filled with steam pipes, and a new set of bad guys.

Disarm the Explosives

Proceed up the stairs, eliminating any hostiles you encounter along the way. Locate a red case on the top level and disarm the explosives. Be sure to search the area for loot containers or other items before you proceed.

Locate the Secondary Explosives

On the same floor where you disarmed the explosives, locate a large set of red doors across the room. Push the button to open the doors. Resupply your ammo at the Restock crate just ahead, and continue up the staircase on the right.

Secure the floor by eliminating the hostile threats. Locate another red case on the higher platform and interact with it to disarm the explosives. Afterward, another wave of enemies will converge on your position. Seek higher ground and prepare to take them out.

Locate the Safety Valves

The Riker leader will make one final attempt to blow the building by pressurizing the turbines in the plant. Once the Riker leader finishes his speech over the intercom, a timer will start. You’ll have about twelve minutes to quickly find the safety valves and undo the Riker’s plans. Follow the objective marker on your screen, and eliminate any hostiles in your path as quickly as possible.

Operate the Safety Valves (3)

Follow the objective marker to a large room containing three safety valves. Run to each valve, and turn the wheel to release the pressure on each one. Watch out for bursting steam pipes that will knock you back as you walk by.

Secure the Area

Once you finish turning all of the valves, you must quickly clear out any remaining hostiles to secure the area. Follow the on-screen markers to locate and neutralize each hostile threat. The timer is still counting down, so you’ll need to act fast.

Operate the Main Valve

After eliminating the remaining hostiles, locate the main valve near the center of the room. Turn the wheel to operate the valve and vent the pressure.

Secure the Control Room

It seems relieving pressure on the valves is only a temporary fix. You’ll need to find the control room to finish the job. Follow the objective marker on screen to locate a set of green doors. Push the button to open the doors, and resupply at the Restock crate just ahead.

Proceed to the control room, and eliminate the hostiles to secure the area. The pipes in the center are flammable. Shoot to ignite the pipes when enemies are near to deal additional incendiary damage. Just be careful not to stand to close to the blast yourself.

Enemies will continue to arrive in the control room, including heavily armored Rikers, and an elite named Keller. Keep moving between cover to take out hostiles throughout the room. Use grenades and other projectiles to strip Keller’s armor, and watch out for explosives thrown by Keller as well. With his armor destroyed, Keller will be relatively easy to gun down.

Stabilize Power Plant Operations

Once Keller and the remaining hostiles have been eliminated, head upstairs to the control room overlooking the area. Use the keyboard to stabilize the plant and conclude the mission. Make sure to collect the ECHO in the back corner of the control room before you leave.

Ride the elevator to the bottom to exit the power plant. From here, you can fast travel back to your Base of Operations and speak with Paul Rhodes in the Tech Wing. Completing this mission grants additional tech supplies that allow you to upgrade the Tech Wing and unlock new skills. Head over to The Division Walkthrough and Guide for more story missions, tips, and collectibles.

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